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19 Myths About Diamond Stud Earrings/Nose-rings Busted

Myths about Diamond Stud busted
If you are a fashionista like my sister, you must have known what diamond stud earrings are by now. Diamond stud earrings are a design of earrings that are cut from natural diamonds into the shape of tiny diamonds. They are arguably the most classic piece of diamond jewellery after the diamond engagement ring.

For reasons related to their shiny lustre, beauty and the social value of a diamond in jewellery, diamond products, including the diamond engagement ring and now, the diamond studs have gained popularity over the years. Luxury diamond products have secured their position as the most expensive ornaments, jewellery and art objects in the world, even more, expensive than gold.

Diamonds have found use as other ornaments like solitaire rings, diamond pendants, as well as, diamond stud earrings and nose-rings. Many people love diamonds simply because of how beautiful they look, others love them because they are expensive and this can help boost their social status. 

Since ancient times, the simplicity of their making is the reason why diamond studs have been carved out more often than any other design. Because of how expensive natural diamond products are, other products with almost similar properties as natural diamond products are cut into the shape of diamond studs as well.

In ancient Babylonian, Mesopotamian and Egyptian dynasties, wearing diamond stud nose rings was common. Both the Egyptian pharoah and slaves wore studs, with materials in those of royalty different, more prestigious and more expensive. That's how long ago the history of studs traces to.

Many ancient civilization heralds diamond to either Thor (the god of thunder in Greek mythology) or Ra (the sun god). And thus, having mythns around diamonds and it's use in jewellery is not strange. In this post, I am going to talk about 19 myths of diamond studs jewellery and debunk them as much as I can.

Here we go;

19 Myths About Diamond Studs Busted

  1. Diamond studs are made of lightening
  2. Diamond studs have a double resale value
  3. Diamond studs last forever
  4. Diamond studs in gold rims lose their lustre
  5. The larger the studs, the more expensive
  6. Everything that shines is diamond
  7. All diamonds are blood diamonds
  8. Diamond studs can cure illness when worn
  9. They are the best evil eye protectors
  10. They are the oldest matter on earth
  11. They bring divine strength and invincibility
  12. Cupid's arrow is made of diamond
  13. Diamond studs trap sunlight
  14. Diamonds symbolize power
  15. They are a combination of fire and water
  16. They are tears of gods
  17. They are lie detectors
  18. They can ward off lightening
  19. Diamond studs are always diamond studs

Diamond studs are made of lightening

Diamond are made of carbon. I am sure you know a little about carbon in coal already. Graphite and diamond are other forms of natural carbon, and diamond is the hardest and densest known element in the world. But to say that they are made of lightening is not only false but also unreasonable to think.

Diamond studs have a double resale value

Diamond sales is controlled by buyers who resell at prices that gives them some margin for profit. But to categorically state that diamond studs have a double resale value is an unverified assumption.

Diamond studs last forever

Is there ever anything that last forever? Diamond studs are not any exceptions. They are made of natural substance, and they are subject to charring and damage.

Diamond studs in gold rims lose their lustre

Some people believe that when gold is used to make a rim around diamond studs, they lost their shiny lustre. But that may not be true. As a matter of fact, it is the gold that loses its lustre and thus, diminishes the lustre of the overall stud comprising of both the diamond and the gold. With adequate maintenance, you can get your diamond studs to last longer.

The larger the studs, the more expensive

This assumption looks true. If we say diamond is expensive, it is logical to believe that the larger the size, the larger the cost but other things determine how expensive it will be. These are the 4 C's - the cut, clarity, colour, carat. The better these properties, the more expensive the diamond stud will be. Yes, carat is also for weight. You should remember these 4 C's when buying diamonds.

Everything that shines is diamond

Could this be a myth that some people actually believes in? Different natural rocks reflects a shiny lustre when you rotate them along different planes of light. Diamonds glitters so well too, but to say that everything that shines is diamond is false and nonsensical. 

Zircons are examples of other natural gems that exhibit lustre and they are not diamonds. They are physically and chemically different from diamonds.

All diamonds are blood diamonds

Blood diamonds are diamonds mined in war zones and sold to finance insurgency against the army's efforts to curtail the insurgency. They are also called brown diamond, conflict diamond, hot diamond or red diamonds and these names are used only to refer to the fact that they were mined from war areas. Not all diamonds are blood diamonds, some are mined during periods of peace.

Diamond studs can cure illness when worn

No, they cannot cure illness when worn. They are neither medicine nor do they have magical powers to make them cure illness when worn.

They are the best evil eye protectors

What is evil eye? Could evil eye mean a look of hatred and harm from someone who hates you? Well, I'm not so familiar with anything like that, and to say that diamonds are evil eye protectors is not true. Maybe if there was anything like evil eye protector, diamond would have being one of them.

They are the oldest matter on earth

The oldest matter ever discovered are dust grains from a meteorite in the 1960's which were dated to be about 7.5 billion years old. The world's oldest diamonds, although dated to be almost as old as the earth itself, was found to be only 4 billion year old. These diamonds were trapped inside zircon crystals from the Jack Hills region, hundreds of kilometres north of the Western Australian capital Perth.

They bring divine strength and invincibility

Health and vitality have many other parameters or factors that promote it. These may include good diet, adequate medications, exercise, adequate rest, peace of mind, just to mention a few, and diamond studs are not on this list.

Cupid's arrow is made of diamond

Well, getting an expensive diamond stud for the one you love could make them fall in love with you. They are expensive and could show to them how much you love them. Cupid wielded his love arrow to make people love struck but they are not made of diamonds. Full stop!

Diamond studs trap sunlight

Diamond studs do not trap sunlight, they are not solar heaters or or solar lighters. They absorb some light shone on them and reflect the others to produce their shiny lustre. This is typical of every object out there. They all absorb and reflect light energy, depending on the physical properties of the object.

Diamonds symbolize power

Wearing diamond studs does not put you in any position of power. If you are powerful, you are already powerful from your inner-self and not from the diamonds studs you wear as rings. Powerful and wealthy people may choose to associate with diamonds because very few people can afford them, but that is not to say that diamonds symbolize power.

They are a combination of fire and water

No! Water and fire do not combine in any way. Diamonds are made from carbon subjected to very high temperatures and pressures within the earth crust. That means if you can get miners coal, subject it to very high pressures and temperatures, you may get graphites, and thereafter, get diamond, but diamonds are never a combination of fire and water.

They are tears of gods

Contrary to the belief of the Romans and the Greeks that diamonds are the tears of the gods, they are not. Their physical pureness and the whitish shiny appearance may make them fit to be identified as the tears of the gods, but also, this is merely a myth without any confirmations.

Diamond studs are lie detectors

Lie detectors? If there is anything they can do, as far as lies are concerned, is to make you want to lie so you can get one. When they say that diamond studs are lie detectors, do they mean than that the studs can make someone speak the truth if that is what they need to do before someone gifts them a pair of diamond studs?

Aside these, diamond studs can never act as lie detectors.

They can ward off lightening

Whoever said this must be from the medieval age, when they believed in cheap craps that anyone says. In this age, we have become wise enough to know that simply wearing a diamond stud does not protecting you from being struck by lightening.

Diamond studs are always diamond studs

If you already notices, I mentioned passively that diamond studs have also been made from other materials like zircon, etc, cut into the shape of the usual diamond stud to enable those who cannot afford the real thing to have something close to wear. Moissanite are another gems, also as rare as diamonds but lesser in lustre and also less expensive.

Where to Buy Good Diamond Studs

The brilliance of diamond studs is worth appreciating, and giving them away to some myths might be costing you a real deal of ostentation and beauty. Now that we have debunked those 19 myths about diamond studs, do you want to get one for yourself?

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If you still have a myth about diamond studs that is not listed above, or you still have some reservations concerning the use of diamond studs, drop them in the comments below. Likewise, if you just want to tell me thank you for making you learn a few more things in this article, drop it in the comments below.

Thank you.

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