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How To Stay Cool All Night - Elegear Arc-chill Cooling Comforter

Elegear Arc-cooling comforter - Amazon

Your body is built to regulate its internal temperature and control it within a range from between 36.5 to 37.2C (97.7F to 98.9F). This temperature range is considered the normal body temperature. If your body temperature rises above 37.2C, you are said to have fever. And if the body temperature falls below 36.5C, it is referred to as hypothermia.

Have you ever heard of a cooling comforter? Do you know what they are?

A cooling comforter is a specially designed blanket that helps improve air circulation over the skin, reduces sweating, and leaves you feeling drier and cooler when you sleep with it. It is a special type of duvet but this time, modified to keep you cool all night as you sleep.

Staying cool is a very important need for everybody, especially in hot seasons. Staying cool means that the body temperature does not go higher than it should be. The importance of staying cool can be typified by the body's auto-regulatory mechanism of controlling its core temperature within the normal range. There is also the surface temperature, which is the temperature of the skin and exterior. The relevance of this will be seen shortly after.

Different mechanisms exist through which the body regulates its temperature within the normal range. Some of these include;

  • Behavioural adaptation
  • Sweating
  • Shivering
  • Control of blood flow to the skin
  • Adjustments of the pilo-erector muscle of the skin

I will briefly talk about these mechanisms below.

Behavioural adaptation

Behavioural adaptation has to do with the conscious desire of the individual to move towards an area with better temperatures, or the desire of the individual to put on or put off clothings when the temperature is unfavourable. When you are cold, it is natural for you to wear extra clothing, stay near the fire-place or heater, and take hot baths if necessary. And if you are hot, you tend to remove your extra-clothes, stay under the fan or turn on your humidifying air-conditioners. This is referred to as behavioural adaptation.


Sweating is a physiological process, that is, it is a normal regulatory process in the body. You tend to sweat more when the outside temperature is high. This is because, the body is trying to remove excess heat from the body. But how does sweating help to reduce the heat?

When the internal temperature is getting close to the upper limit or normal (37.2C) or begins to exceed it, the body increases blood flow to the skin. This blood also carries with it some of the heat. At the same time, the increases blood flow to sweat gland enhances their production of sweat. Some of the heat is transferred into the sweat and thus, reduces the body's temperature.


If I may ask, at what temperatures do you shiver? Cold temperatures, right? When the wheather is cold, your muscles are stimulated via some special reflexes to contract and relax rythmically. This is what we see as shivering. The significance of this action by the muscle is that, by contracting and relaxing, the muscles mechanically generate heat for the body. This combined with other adaptive mechanisms can help control temperature fluctuations.

Control of blood flow to the skin

I have partly talked about this while talking about sweating. But the other side of it is that, not only can blood flow be increased to the skin. Blood flow to the skin can also be decreased depending on the body's need. It is important to state that most of the signals for cold are relayed to the hypothalamus of the brain through special receptors.

Adjustments of the pilo-erector muscle of the skin

The pilo-erector muscle is a small smooth muscle in the skin. This muscle that anchors the hair follicle and help to keep it in the slanted position. The hair follicle is the structure that produces the hair shafts you see projecting onto the skin. Hair on the skin is usually slant, but when the weather is cold, the hair stands erect and the hair follicles for "goosebumps" on the skin. This is response of the skin to regulate body temperature, because when goosebumps have been formed, the entire changes in the skin prevents sweat from been excreted from the sweat glands.

Now that you have learnt a little about the regulation of body temperature, I will emphasize on the behavioural adaptation for staying cool when the wheather is cold.

Eleagar Arc-chill Cooling Comforter

Eleagar Arc-chill cooling comforter is a special cooling comforter that helps regulate your surface temperature. This arc-chilling comforter has a special cooling mechanism that keep you cool all through the night. 

There are other arch-chill cooling comforter out there, but what makes the Eleagar Arc-chill cooling comforter different and better? Below are some of the special features of this product.

Special features

Cool Technology Double Fabric: It is made of a Japanese Arc-chill Cooling Technology Fabric on the top side, with a cool-sensing value (Q-max) of more than 0.45. Most others have a Q-max value less than 0.2, that means the Eleagar Arc-cooling comforter can absorb human body heat faster and more efficiently than most others duvet, thus keeping you cool and sweat-free all night, even during the hottest summer nights. On the bottom-side, it is made of super soft knitted fabric on the bottom side, that makes it comfortable to touch, breathable and suitable for Autumn and Spring use.

It can reduce surface temperature by 2 to 5°C, and is still gives the enjoyability even with air conditioning.

Double-sided: The cooling technology is adapted by the top side of the fabric, which is a Japanese arc-chill cooling yarn that can easily absorb heat from the skin and release the heat to the surrounding within 5 minutes. It also keep you dry all night. However, the bottom side side features a super soft knitted fabric that gives the cooling summer comforter an ultra-soft and airy feel, perfect for spring and autumn. All these breathable and skin-friendly material make our cooling summer blanket a strong option for people sleeping in the nude.

This double-sidedness also makes it suitable for cold conditions as well, that means it can help keep your warm when the temperatures are very cold. Hence, it is a multipurpose cooling/warming comforter for all seasons.

Super Soft and lightweight: Elegear cooling bed comforter uses the super soft knitted fabric, filled with Darcon fibers to form a 3D hollow structure with high elasticity and compression, allows you to enjoy a super-fluffy feeling while sleeping. The ergonomic exquisite stitching design allows the cooling comforter to fit your body curve perfectly, in case you want to wrap it around your body. This help reduce stress and anxiety from suffocation or compression of your body parts, thus, helping you relax and fall asleep quickly.

Easy to care for: The fabric of this arc-chill cooling quilt is resistant to wear and tear, and is very durable. The single needle stitching tehnology adopted in its makeup help to keep the fiberfill in place, without loosening or clumping. This makes the Eleagar arc-chill cooling comforter fully machine-washable without color loss and shrinkage. The exquisite fiber design, coupled with the easily washability makes this product the ideal comforter for your bedroom use. 

These comforters are just right for spring and autumn when temperatures can go from cool to warm. This is the ultimate multi-purpose cool/warm comforter for all uses and occasions.

There are many more features of this product, but if you may want to ask, why should you buy the Eleagar arc-chill cooling comforter? Let me tell you why.

The Eleagar Arc-chill cooling comforter is a multipurpose, lightweight, flexible and efficient cooling comforter for your night needs. It uses special fabrics to achieve these functions and many more. But you know something more? I am giving you a link to get it a drastically reduced price, way cheaper than you could have gotten it without my link.

Below are the products details and my discount link.

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