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Top 50 Disappointment Memes To Cheer You Up A Little

Disappointment memes

First, what are memes?

It's surprising you've heard a lot about memes, you've seen them on social media, but you just don't know what they really are. 

According to, a meme is an image, video, piece of text, etc, typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users, often with slight variations.

Wikipedia puts it more directly as follows; A meme is an idea, behaviour or style that spreads by means of imitation from person to person within a culture and often carries symbolic meaning representing a particular phenomenon or theme.

The common keywords in these definitions are - the word "spread" and "copy or imitate". Memes are known for what they are because they easily become widely used, or viral on the internet. The name, meme, was derived from mimick, or the Greek word, mimema, which both means "to imitate".

This, therefore, gives us a fuller understanding of the word, meme, to mean any imitation of someone, something, or somewhere that is a visual form, that is picture, text, video, that is slightly altered to evoke some emotions, which makes it go viral on the internet. It is not important that you understand what memes are, in their broad perspective that includes almost anything or everything derived from some popular visuals, that is capable of going viral or spreading through the internet and social media.

People derive a lot of pleasure from the internet, some just go to social media to get some laugh and forget some of their sorrows. People learn from the internet, some just go to social media to cause arguments or small stirs, otherwise known as "Violence". Violence is particularly used on Twitter where people have conversations that are fiercely violent, in a bid to put the other person into submission.

Twitter is also notorious for the term "dragging", where a popular figure is attacked by many other Twitter users in a way that suggests that they want the victim to relinquish their action and openly surrender. You now get a feel of how much violence is on Twitter, right?

That's on a lighter note. I really love Twitter so much. So you should do well to follow my handle after reading through this.

What are disappointment memes?

Disappointment memes are memes that show disappointments, or expectations that are not achieved. These disappointment memes come in different forms, some are gifs of popular movies, some are a comparison between two people or objects.

These disappointments memes I have organized in this post may serve one of two functions hopefully.

  1. To, probably, make you realize that your disappointments are a normal part of life and are not special to you. Everyone gets disappointments at some point.
  2. And also to cheer you or your audience up a little. The visuals of the disappointment memes are humorous, you will soon find out. After all, memes usually convey humour.

Little things matter and little internet memes can go a long way to cheer you up or lighten your mood a little. So, I am going to share with you 50 disappointment memes that will cheer you or your audience up by that 'little'.

1. They Said I Could Be Anything, So I Became A Disappointment

Source: Reddit

2. Cricket Fan So Disappointed He Doesn't Know What To Say

Source: 2006Paul

3. I Wanted Caffeine, They Gave Me Decaf


4. Dog Disappointment At Who Is Playing At The Match

5. You Will Really Be Disappointed If You Think Everyone Has A Heart Like Yours


6. Disappointment: What I Ordered vs What I Got

Source: Daily Sun

7. Disappointment When A Reddit User Post Memes For The First Time But Misses A Spelling

Source: Reddit

8. Disappointed I Expected More From You


9. Happy Disappointment; God When?


10. Two Tears In The Bucket, I'm Disappointed But Never Mind

Photo Credits: Jerry Richardson

11. You Can't Disappoint Them If You've Not Made Them Proud In The First Place


12. Black Man Disappointed At Who He Thought The Lady Was

13. Disappointment; Did The Same Thing, Theirs Got Featured, Mine Wasn't


14. Disappointment Meme Rejected By Moderators


15. Life Is Good, Still Your Philosophy?


16. Disappointment; I Thought Air Was Free


17. Everyone Has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Face

Source: ImgFlip

18. Disappointment Rises With Age

Source: Instagram @420beatsperminute

19. Nobody Ever Find Love

Source: Pixabay,

20. How Is Life Going?


21. When You Thought You Found The Perfect Girl

Source: Facebook; @IDreamedAMeme

22. Buys Everyone Cheap Presents And Forgot To Remove The Price Tags

Source: Pinterest

23. Disappointment When You Are Hungry And They Give Food To The Cat

Source: Reddit

24. My Hard Work Is Not Paying Off

Source: Reddit

25. This Is So Disappointing

26. Disappointment; How She Looks On Social Media Vs Real life


27. I'm Disappointed, I Can't Lose Weight

Source: YouTube @Alun Edwards

28. Disappointed Obama


29. Even My Own Targets... Disappointed at My Self


30. Disappointed I Just Wish To Sleep Off


31. Disappointed At You, You Dumbhead!


32. No Matter What, Never Give Up


33. Sad And Disappointed Owl


34. Just Disappointment Meme; Not A Hate Speech

Source: Reddit

35. Food Smells Nice, But Taste Horrible. Disappointed!

36. The Height of Disappointment After Writing Rubbish


37. Despite All You Read Last Night

Source: OnSizzle

38. Disappointed!!! I Have Decided To Die


39. Really Disappointed At My Parents


40. We Fought, We Lost, Now We Rest


41. Disappointment After Losing Everything To Crypto

42. When Mummy Wants The PawPaw And You Have Salivated For It


43. I Spent Everything On Her. This is What I Get

44. Disappointed Cat; I Expected Nothing, Yet I'm Still Disappointed

Source: Pinterest

45. I'm Disappointed In You

46. I Thought I Couldn't Be More Disappointed


47. Game of Throne Fans Disappointed At Season 8

Source: Pinterest

48. That's How You Betrayed Me; I'm Disappointed

Source: Cosmopolitan

49. I'm Disappointed In Her, But Never Hit A Woman


50. I Was Told There Would Be Lambos; Toys I Don't Have

Source: Medium

This is the end of my compilation of disappointment memes that would cheer you or your audience up when you feel disappointed. You can share on your social media platforms to engage your followers too.

I have a bonus for you. I am going to drop a few tips on how to handle disappointment when you are disappointed. Just a list of helpful tips that can help you go through a disappointment and we are good to go for now.

Tips On How To Handle Disappointments

  1. Take some rest
  2. Do things you love doing
  3. Hang out with people you care about
  4. Think about the possible advantages/blessings in the disappointment
  5. Try again, if you have another chance
  6. Do something different from what you have always done
  7. Believe in yourself that you can make it
  8. Take your attention from people that bring negativity
  9. Ward-off idle thoughts, instead think creatively
  10. Realize that disappointments happen to everyone, you are not alone in this

I could write a longer essay on these tips someday, but the only way you are going to find out is if you are subscribed to this blog and you check it regularly. 
My articles never disappoint, you know that. Don't you? I hope you learnt something new about memes and disappointment, and you enjoyed the mems I compiled for you. If there be anything you want to say, feel free to comment in the comment box below.
Thank you for reading.

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