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Why Your Baby Deserves A Pair of Hoop Earrings

A little girl wearing a hoop earring

Hoop earrings are simple and yet beautiful pieces your baby can wear in her ears. If you want to make your baby look her best, you want to bring out the inner beauty in her, you may have been more than halfway there if you have a pair of hoop earrings as your first choice

Babies and older children are quite distinctive when it comes to how they handle dressings and jewelry. Sometimes, they may not be disciplined enough to wear inconveniencing attires for the sake of beauty. Inasmuch as they love to look beautiful, they love it more when it feels simple and yet beautiful. A pair of hoop earrings just fulfils that criteria, and you will soon find out how.

There are many other factors you need to consider when choosing what to wear and what you should not buy. Interestingly, hoop earrings meet many of these different considerations.

  1. They are safe for babies of all age groups
  2. They are elegant and beautiful
  3. The closures of hoops are material adjustable
  4. They come in different dimensions
  5. They are great utility earrings
  6. Simple and yet sophisticated

Reasons Hoop Earrings Are The Right Choice For Your Baby

Your baby deserves a pair of hoop earrings and let's see how hoop earrings become worth the hype.

They are safe for babies of all age groups

If you know what hoop earrings are, you will agree with me that they have the reputation of being easily entangled with clothing and/or hair. While this is the case with almost any kind of jewelry, the risk is further reduced for hoop earrings. Modern-day baby hoop earrings come in small sizes, and also feature advanced quality clasps that make them very safe.

They are elegant and beautiful

Due to their simple designs, hoop earrings are available in different styles, finishes, colors, and materials of metal used. Many people place more aesthetic value on a long-looking face for their children, claiming that long-looking faces appear more beautiful. This is grossly true and hoop earrings can add sparkle to the countenance of a child while giving her the elongated face at the same time. 

Hoops are more elegant than most other earring styles and if you look forward to capturing a timeless picture with your daughter, adorning her with great hoop earrings will not be a bad idea.

The closures of hoops are material adjustable

A child's skin is more sensitive than that of adults. It's get easily irritated by metal materials and many other beauty lotions. So, how is this important to hoop earrings?

Because they are available in different materials, gold, silver, diamond, etc, you can adjust your purchase to materials that suit the skin and reactivity of your child, while still getting the same feel of aesthetics in their design.

Modern hoop earrings for children are available in 14 and 18 karat gold, and sterling silver. These metals are skin-friendly and do not cause any irritation, sores, or redness. Still, if the baby develops these problems, you can temporarily discontinue their use while you look out for other materials that will be safe for your child's skin. Their closures, the point that makes the most contact with the skin, not only offer a comfortable fit and less irritating fit, there are also endless designs available.

They come in different dimensions

Hoop earrings for babies come in varied dimensions, which is good because you get several options in choosing the one that best accentuates your child's face. The best is to start with the smaller options, so they do not add pressure to the delicate ear lobes of your baby.

They are great utility earrings

They are useful for a wide range of activities, including playing. Hoop earrings for kids can also be easily paired with other intricate pieces for parties and occasions like birthdays and baptisms. These are daintier pairs that can also serve as family heirlooms. However, keep in mind that you don't have to spend a fortune to get top-quality wearable hoops for your girl-child. They are sturdy enough to be worn every day without getting loose or falling out.

Simple and yet sophisticated

Like I mentioned earlier, hoops are simple, but yet highly sophisticated. Coming as just a circular piece of metal with a base that can fit through the earholes of your child, they can also be variously styled with crystals, cubic zirconia, etc. In other words, the simplicity does not exclude the fact that they can be highly sophisticated depending on what you want at any time.

Final Word

Your baby deserves a pair of hoop earrings because they are simple and beautiful enough to bring out her best beauty without any cause for alarm, entanglement, irritations and so on. She might not be able to wear adult pattern earrings because they may not be convenient for her but hoop earrings stand equally great to keep her beautiful still.

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