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6 Signs A Guy Does Not Want A Relationship With You

Signs a guy does not want a relationship with you

Life is full of uncertainties, so many confusing things around. Sometimes, you are in love with someone and he or she does not realize it or feel the same. Other times, someone is rooting deep and high over you but to you, it feels like they are adding a heavy burden to your shoulders. You just don't feel the same.

There are countless scenarios of this "love feeling" and relationship that I can give here, but for a moment, let me swing back to what brought you here in the first place.

When you like a guy, you may try many things. You want him to know that you care about him but you want to do this in a very subtle manner that will not suggest to him that you are desperate to be loved.

Also, you may be trying to decode and understand his moves so as to determine if he feels the same towards you. Just by the way, the one thing you should know about guys and how they catch feelings is that they fall in love with whoever makes them feel loved. This may apply to both genders anyways.

By observing him closely, studying his attitudes and behaviours, you may want to determine if this guy wants a relationship with you now or in the future. Another problem surfaces when he begins to draw closer to you in a rather romantic manner. Often you find yourself wondering what his intentions truly are. Is he just being romantic because he knows I like him? Or he truly means those newfound gestures?

There are many reasons why a man may not want a relationship with you. It could be that he is not ready for any relationship at the moment, or he actually does not want to be in a relationship with you. It is not enough to conclude that a guy want to be in a relationship with you merely by what he says to you when he is happy. You may want a long-term commitment but what exactly does he want? How do you know if a guy want a relationship with you?

Shortly before I tell you the six signs that a guy does not want a relationship with you, it is also important that you understand how guys behave when it comes to deciding whether or not to enter a commitment relationship with someone they like.

How do guys behave?

Guys who are serious about finding the right person to enter a relationship with are usually more careful in their choice of a woman. Maybe this also applies to ladies, but the point I am trying to make here is that, it may often take them a longer time to finally decide to be in a relationship with you. This is because, as expected, he may have gone through series of painful emotional experiences that have shapen his mind to be more careful and go for what he truly deserves.

But should you keep troubling yourself because you want to give him all the time he needs? The answer is "no". You must learn to understand the warning signs that he may never want to be in a relationship with you. In the following section, I will show you six warning signs that he does not want a relationship with you.

6 Signs A Guy Does Not Want A Relationship With You

  1. He often gets distracted when you are together.
  2. He does not make long-term plans with you.
  3. He does not introduce you to his inner circle.
  4. He is unreliable and breaks plans frequently.
  5. He is frequently missing in action.
  6. He is emotionally unavailable.

He Often Gets Distracted When You're Together

One clear sign that a guy does not want a relationship with yo is that he is unable to keep his attention with you. You may have noticed that he is always on his phone or doing something else when you are together, or you find yourself repeating what you previously said because he did not hear you the first time. The question is, "why is he distracted?"

Guys are some of the most honest people you'd ever meet. And for this, I do not just want to make a sarcastic statement without any explanations. Here is why I said so. When a guy is not interested in you, or in a relationship with you, he may not admit it verbally to you but his actions and behaviours may not be able to hide it. He is distracted because he is probably thinking about other more important things in his life. You are not so important to him, and he is not ready for a relationship with you.

On the other hand, if he gives you undivided attention and listens to every word you say, he is making you see how important you are to him. He wants to know you better and want a committed relationship with you.

He Does Not Make Long-term Plans With You

Talk of the future and he frets away. You really like this guy, you want to spend a good future with him and make long-term plans with him, but what exactly is wrong with him? Despite your efforts to make him see that you want a durable, lifelong relationship with him, he just doesn't feel the same.

When a guy is not interested in a relationship with you, he is unlikely to commit to anything that projects into the future with you, because he clearly does not see you with him there. Sometimes he is indifferent about your interests in the future, other times, he actively resists your talks about the future.  Also, sometimes he may directly disagree with your future plans, for example, he would firmly assert to you that he wants three children when you say two, or tell you he wants to spend his lifetime in a far away country when he knows how much staying in your home country means to you. If you see these signs, don't ignore the signs that this guy does not want a serious relationship with you.

He Does Not Introduce You to His Inner Circle

Hey, lover girl! Who else knows you are getting on with this guy apart from your own friends. When you like someone or when someone is interested in you, the usual thing is for them to tell important people in his life about you. Have you met his friends yet, and do they recognise you as someone significant in his life? If you have often meet his friends, does he introduce you to them as his potential significant other?

When a guy is interested in a relationship with you, he would use any opportunity he finds to introduce you warmly to important people in his life. He does this for different reasons; first, he just has not better way of expressing how much he wants you in his life. He also acknowledges that if you are going to stay in his life, it is important you get to meet the people who have made his life interesting so far, and be able to blend in with them.

However, if he has not made any efforts for you to meet his friends and other significant persons in his life,  red flag!, you are not important in his life and he does not have long-term commitments with you. It's even worse when you finally get to meet any of those significant people and he does not introduce you as the person he loves to spend the rest of his life with. He ain't shy. He just doesn't want a relationship with you, at least not yet.

He is Unreliable and Breaks Plan Frequently

People have different levels of reliability. This guy may have been an unreliable person even before you met him, but the beautiful thing is, when people fall in love or when a guy is interested in spending his life with you, he deliberately and consciously make efforts to become reliable to you and if you think you can't trust him or count on him for anything, it becomes glaring that he does not want a relationship with you. For instance, if he frequently breaks plans with you, is often unclear about his whereabouts, and has periods when he restricts you from reaching him, he doesn't want to be with you. One thing you should take away here, if he is serious about having a relationship with you, he would do his possible best to honour his word and commitments to you, and vice versa.

He is Frequently MIA

MIA is the acronym for Missing in Action. It is usually used to describe someone who would disappear when you need them the most. Does your supposed boyfriend disappear for days or even weeks without hearing from you? If he is able to stay that long with contacting you or making efforts to, I smell something fishing.

This is a classic sign of a guy who is not truly interested in a relationship with you, or he has settled his mind on you yet. If he frequently goes MIA, he might be exploring other women out there or even date someone else in the process and later comes back when he is done with them. If he considers you an important part of his life, the thoughts of you will not let him stay away without hearing from you.

He is Emotionally Unavailable

If he is emotionally unavailable to you, several things should come to mind. You may have opened up to him emotionally, despite how difficult it is to let yourself become emotionally vulnerable. Before you get to this point, or if you have already gotten there, you should take a step back and analyse if he is willing to open up to you in return. Is he still undetermined to express his emotions to you, chances are that he doesn't want a relationship.

In every relationship, becoming emotionally vulnerable is the biggest risk anyone can take and it's totally worth taking that risk. But as much as possible, you must try to know when someone is not willing to take that risk with you. When a man doesn’t want a relationship with you, he will try to hide how he feels, he won't be able to tell you he loves you, and will keep his past relationships unknown to you. How you know a guy who wants you is when he takes the risk to invest in you emotionally and is open enough to discuss the his past, present and future with you.

Maybe you have never known this before now, or you have ignored these warning signs but the very reason that he is emotionally detached from you is enough to make you stay away too. He just does not want a relationship with you and that's not your fault.


I presented you with six signs that a guy does not want a relationship with you. Let met know what you think in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.

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