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Areker Warm Christmas Lights: Best Lights For Your Christmas Celebration

At the start of a new year, everyone gets ready for the activities that would soon follow. People return to their businesses, everything kicks off normally, life goes on. But a few months after the new year, we approach another end of the year, a period when people want to take a break to enjoy their proceeds so far.

Christmas is a beautiful end-of-year festival that is primarily celebrated by Christians worldwide. 25th of December is marked as Christmas day, even though this celebration spans way longer than just a single day. The events of Christmas are remarkable and enjoyable, and these make the Christmas celebration really worthwhile and creates nostalgic feelings sometimes in the middle of the new year.

Christmas has been celebrated in different ways by different people. Characteristically, Christmas trees are symbolic of the celebration of Christmas. Christmas trees and other decorations are usually put in place weeks before the actual Christmas day and in many cases, some of these decorations may stay even longer up to the new year.

Christmas celebration is also marked by remarkable festive activities like exchanging Christmas presents, eating and partying together, family reunions, making decorations with Christmas lights and Christmas trees, singing Christmas songs, and going to fun places. Many of these activities are as exciting as they usually are because the Christmas period seems to be the only opportunity for most people to engage in these activities or events.

There also seem to be an age-related difference in the festive activities at Christmas. The children and young adolescents seem to have the most playful activities on their Christmas checklist, and the adults simply enjoy the peace and rest from bustling work activities of the outgoing year.

Why Christmas trees are symbolic

Many things are symbolic of the Christmas celebration, some of which I already listed above. However, the Christmas trees are one major component of the Christmas celebration that one cannot afford to leave out. The Christmas tree is a decorated tree, usually an evergreen conifer, such as fir, spruce, pine or an artificial tree of similar appearance, associated with the celebration of Christmas. The Christmas tree culture has been said to have originated from Germany associated with Saint Boniface. This culture was later popularized throughout modern Germany and the rest part of the world where Christmas is celebrated.

Can you ever do without Christmas lights?

Christmas trees, whether the natural conifers or the artificial trees made with plastic and a few bands of metals, require some additional beautification. The two commonest things used in recent times to beautify Christmas trees are the ornaments and the Christmas lights, the latter of which has come to find use in many different forms. At some points, Christmas candles were used to decorate Christmas trees, and these were meant to symbolize that the return of light to the world, while the green Christmas tree symbolize renewal and continuance of life. These beliefs were adopted from the Christian faith in Christ and the Christmas is celebrated as the day Christ was born, and also from the pagan yule rituals about the return of the sun as days grew longer after the solstice.

Christmas lights, which now come in different forms, colours and powered electrically, have come to replace the Christmas candles. The elegance and the beauty of Christmas lights have made them integral and irreplaceable parts of the Christmas decoration.

According to an estimated sales figure of Christmas lights in 2020, sales of Christmas lights went up by nearly 20% in the United States. This was partly due to the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on movement restrictions. Parents wanted to make their kids Christmas memorable amidst restrictions by getting more Christmas lights they can admire down the blocks.

Should you get Christmas Lights This Year?

After the importance and significance of Christmas lights have been established, you would want to know if you can get some this year. If you want to make your Christmas memorable for you and your entire family, Christmas lights must be in the picture. There is hardly ever any family in the United States that will not get Christmas lights this year. As a matter of fact, we can project yet an increase in demand for Christmas lights this year because newer designs and interesting colour combinations are invented and reinvented each year.

Amazingly, getting Christmas lights is not a high-priced venture. In the following section, I am going to recommend some affordable Christmas light products with amazing beautifying features and a special discount, to make your Christmas celebration even more memorable.

Areker Warm Christmas Lights [Highly Recommended]

There are many Christmas light products out there but I strongly recommend these ones. Areker warm Chrismas lights are special for their beautiful multicolour flashes, safety in handling, waterproof quality for outdoor use and their perfectness for Christmas tree decorations. Areker warm Christmas lights come as small LED bulbs on long wires that can be hung in several patterns on the Christmas tree, flower vases, poles or by the side of the roofs. These Christmas LED bulbs shine super bright and will definitely add lustrous shine to your Christmas this year.

Here are two Areker Christmas lights I will recommend for you to buy for Christmas this year. And in addition, I will offer you my special coupon to get a further 10% discount for every purchase;

  1. Areker 33ft 400LED Warm Multicolour Icicle Christmas Lights (Outdoor/Indoor)
  2. Areker 82FT 1000LED Warm White Christmas Tree Lights (Outdoor/Indoor)

Areker 33ft 400LED Warm Multicolour Icicle Christmas Lights (Outdoor/Indoor)

Full specs:

  • 400-LED with 4 Dreamy Colors: Areker Icicle Christmas lights add a fun, playful festival atmosphere with the most vivid reds, greens, blues, and yellow colors. With super bright and LED bulbs that are more energy-efficient than other bulbs, you can enjoy your perfect Christmas while still lowering your electricity bill by over 80%. The 80 drops dripping 400 LED Icicle Lights on a 33-feet clear wire is the perfect Christmas light for your bedrooms, bedsides, curtains, roofs, fences and windows decoration this Christmas holiday.
  • 8 Modes & Memory Function: Areker Icicle Christmas Lights have 8 flashing modes. You can easily choose which mode perfectly suits your mood and the overall scenery. They also have a memory function that will remember the last used mode before there was a power interruption. This will be very suitable for people living in parts of the world where power outages may be a problem this Christmas holiday, as you do not have to re-adjust the settings every time.
  • ETL-Approved & Safe Touch: Areker Icicle Christmas Lights are ETL-certified and have only 29V low-output voltage when working. The LED bulbs produce very little or no heat, they are cool to the touch and safe for children and pets. The plug-in fairy lights have stable input voltage, and therefore brighter than solar lights and last longer than battery-operated string lights with over a 10,000-hour lifespan.
  • 33ft long, 80 Drops & Connectable: The 400-LED colorful Christmas lights come with 80 drops on a 33ft strand and a 10 ft detachable extension cord. These icicle lights are extendable, allowing you to connect up to 5 sets end-to-end to reach a length of 165 feet. This has the advantage of making it easier to decorate large Christmas display scenes or parts of the home. It also features 25 plastic zip-ties that allows you to easily hang the fairy lights.
  • Waterproof for Outdoor Use: The multicolor icicle Christmas lights are IP44 Waterproof rated. That means you do not have to worry about rain, snow, frost or sleet. They are suitable for outdoor use, to decorate your roof, stairs, fence, windows, porch, railings, and backyard. These multicolor icicle lights add an enchanting glow to your exterior spaces, create a dreamy and romantic atmosphere for Christmas and other festivals while the bulbs and wire are fully protected against weather elements.

To get the Areker 33ft 400LED Warm Multicolour Icicle Christmas Lights at the discounted price, use the links below:

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Areker 33ft 400LED Icicle Christmas Lights Outdoor/Indoor, 80 Drops Dripping Icicle Lights Plug-in, 8 Modes Waterproof Curtain Fairy Lights for Christmas Halloween Thanksgiving Party Multicolor

Get a 10% discount by using the discount code: UTIL9NCN valid from 5th October 2020 to 5th October 2021.

Areker 82FT 1000LED Warm White Christmas Tree Lights (Outdoor/Indoor)

Full specs:

  • White Light Perfect for Christmas Tree Decor: Areker Christmas string lights come with green wire which blends right well with your Christmas tree or other dark backgrounds. They are also bright and very energy-efficient.
  • 8 Modes & Memory Function: Areker Christmas tree lights also have 8 flashing modes and a memory, that makes their use both enjoyable and convenient.
  • 82FT 1000LED String Lights: These White Areker Christmas lights have 1000 super bright LED bulbs on an 82-foot strand with a 10-foot lead wire to help you reach an outlet. This long length can allow you to decorate large spaces easily. It also has a storage reel and 25 plastic zip ties with which you can hang your Christmas lights easily.
  • UL-approved & Safe Touch: Areker Christmas lights come with a UL-certified plug and a 30V low output voltage when working. They also produce very minimal heat and are cool and safe to touch.
  • Waterproof for Outdoor Use: They also have an IP44 Waterproof rating, thus making these warm white Christmas lights very suitable for outdoor use as long as the mains plug is away from water.

Buy now


Areker 82FT 1000LED Christmas Tree Lights Outdoor/Indoor, Green Wire Christmas String Lights Plug in, Ultra Bright 8 Modes Waterproof Twinkle Lights for Xmas Tree Party Wedding Decoration, Warm White

Get a 10% discount by using the discount code: 5ZVFKYM4 valid from 5th October 2020 to 5th October 2021.

Final words

If you are going to make your Christmas celebration more memorable this year, there are two things you need to do. First, plan to get Christmas lights for your family and Christmas decorations. The second thing you should do is, ensure you get the best Christmas lights for that purpose, and Areker Warm Christmas lights got you covered.

Drop your comments below if you have any concerns. Thanks for reading.

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