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5 Most Inspiring Books For Optimal Weight Loss

Over the years, weight loss has been a major topic of interest to many people, and there are many reasons why this is so. People with much body weight (often from excess accumulation of body fats) are viewed by society as not beautiful, ladies with skinny, curvy body are classed as more beautiful and the muscular, slim and tall guys more handsome. So much have changed over the years concerning our perception of body weight, but so far, desire for optimal weight loss is still the order of the day.

Apart from the beauty aspect of weight loss on one hand and weight on the other hand, obesity is also implicated as a risk factor for many medical conditions including hypertension, diabetes, and even cancer. Obesity is defined simply as excessive body fat in the body, and it results often from a combination of genetic factors, diet, and a sedentary lifestyle. The problems associated with obesity has made it important for every individual to adopt measures to control these factors listed above in order to prevent excessive weight gain.

Obesity or excessive weight gain can be measured by several parameters. These include the Body Mass Index (BMI) which compares the weight of the body to the height of the individual; standard weight measurements (in Kilograms) which simply takes the weight of the individual per time.

Since diet is one major determinant of weight loss and weight gain, it is recommended that you keep track of your daily calorie intake and compare them with your calories expenditure. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, your caloric expenditure will be lesser than your intake and the excess will accumulate in the body as fat. For the purpose of keeping track of this calorie balance, an online calorie calculator has been introduced. You can use this calculator to estimate your daily diet intake for free.

Like I already mentioned, being overweight may be a genetic concern, or lack of physical exercise. More importantly, your diet and calorie intake matters a lot in weight control. Even though obesity has been linked with many medical conditions, many people easily gets tired of sticking to weight loss measures, but in this article, I will highlight five inspiring books for optimal weight loss that will motivate you to take weight loss seriously in order to avoid all the problems associated with it. So, let's pop down!

5 Most Inspiring Books For Optimal Weight Loss

Here are the best considered books that will help you lose weight:

  1. Weight Loss Motivation For Men and Women
  2. From Fat To Thin Thinking
  3. Mini Habits For Weight Loss
  4. The Obesity Code
  5. Weight Loss Motivation Secrets

I will take briefly about these books in the following section.

1. Weight Loss Motivation For Men And Women

This book is written by Kira Novac, a holistic nutritionist, mom, and author who is dedicated to help people create a balanced and healthy lifestyle. In this book, she talked to a great extent on how to lose bodyweight effectively. She acknowledges that dietary plans alone might help you lose weight to a maximum extent, but a combination of this and some forms of motivation works even better. 

In the book, Novac provided a motivation and healthy approach to lose weight, clarifies the difference between poor dieting related to your mental health and that based on the eating habits you have developed over time.

This book also points out your past mistakes, overeating and the likes, while still providing you with the essentials for setting and achieving your weight loss goals. This book contains motivational hacks and strategies to trick your brain to stay motivated and focused on weight control habits, especially in areas of diet and exercise. This book comes handy for a better body shape, and you should get a copy today.

2. From Fat To Thin Thinking

From Fat to Thin Thinking was authored by Rita Black, who has done many other works related to weight loss and weight control. This book mainly gives us an auto-systemized test to those who are willing to lose their body weight.

Do you wonder if your battle with weight is deeper than just diet and exercise? Are you worried that it is always going to be a painful struggle to control your weight? Do you find it difficult to stick to methods of weight loss that you know about, or does it feel like you are in an endless cycle of adhering to dietary recommendations for weight loss this second, and getting uncontrollably fat the next?

Rita Black is also a renown hypnotherapist, an expert in the psychology of weight management and had once struggled to control her weight. The hypnosis-based weight loss process designed in her book will help you break through the mental barriers keeping you from achieving adequate weight loss. Thus, putting to an end the constant struggle between weight loss and weight control through dietary plans.

Using the calorie calculator above and the clear guide in this book, you will be able to keep track of your weight changes and also gives you a clear guide on how to develop a positive mindset towards weight loss. Get this book here.

3. Mini Habits For Weight Loss

Stephen Guise, in this book, talked about how to lose weight without struggling with your body and brain about when, and how much of what to eat. He put the caption in the description , "You will never diet again. Say goodbye to calorie counting, restrictive food bans, or other forced behaviors".

This book is nothing less than a masterpiece. According to the book, you can lose your body weight the same way you and your brain want to. In other words, the book re-aligns your desire to lose weight with your body's demand without causing so much struggle between both. Because of the vast world of control this book opens you up to, you readily overcome your overeating habit and become more diligent and faithful to your diet plans, exploiting the phrase that "Consistency is key". To start reading this book now, get it here.

4. The Obesity Code

In the introduction of this audio book, Jason Fung puts easily, "Everything you believe about how to lose weight is wrong. Weight gain and obesity are driven by hormones - in everyone - and only by understanding the effects of insulin and insulin resistance can we achieve lasting weight loss." A further digging into his book would open up for you a whole new world of weight loss interventions, especially intermittent fasting, as the lifelong habits that will help you control weight gain.

Jason Fung explained the importance of intermittent fasting in lowering body weight by linking fasting to blood glucose and insulin response/resistance to sugars in the blood. There is a lot you are going to learn from this book. Check here to get the book.

5. Weight Loss Motivation Secrets

The book is authored by Micheal Kelly. It offers a concise approach to 8 powerful tips to lose weight and motivation strategies. This book is so concise you can finish it in 15 minutes or less and it also advocates for striking a balance between calorie intake and expenditure without wearing yourself out by ceaseless exercises and burdensome dieting. It also offers motivational tips to encourage you through the process of sustainable weight loss. To read this book, check here.

Final Words

Achieving the desired weight loss requires a lot of things, one of which include getting the right information. These books on weight loss are in fact some of the most practical and inspiring books on weight loss here and out there. Do well to check them out.

Also, don't forget the gift I gave to you in this post. I shared you a link to an online calorie calculator. Use that tool as an adjunct, to monitor your calorie balance having known that regulating the calorie balance is very crucial as far as weight loss is concerned.

Enjoy your life, live healthy and stay fit.

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