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An Expert's Guide To A Healthy Use Of Cannabis

Cannabis legalization has evolved through a series of phases. The weeds and the products they contain (THC and CBD) were strictly classified as illegal across the globe but with the passage of time, cannabis has become legal in some parts of the world. In many states of the US, cannabis has not only become legal but has also become very easily available and accessible to users.

The shady reputation it has earned over the years and the stigma associated with those who use or abuse the drug is gradually fading away. Research has been conducted to prove the safety of cannabis and the substances it contains. Also, several users have lent support to the use of cannabis. The findings of some of the researches and user-validated experiences have it that you can safely and effectively use cannabis as a relief for several medical and psychological problems. The medical use of cannabis has not been so much a hot topic of debate. However, the main issue lied in the use of cannabis as a recreational drug with a potential for abuse by its users.

If you have ever used cannabis, you will discover how difficult it is to stop its use. You are stuck on to it because of what it offers you - pleasure, high feeling, pain suppression, etc. You will want to improve your experience with your favorite cannabis products, and you also want to upgrade your consumption. In addition to these and very importantly, you should also aim to maintain safe use. Otherwise, it becomes another problem.

Here is an expert guide to healthy use, wellness, and enjoyable use of cannabis, 

  1. Know what works for you
  2. Stay updated
  3. Be experimental
  4. Prioritize safety
  5. Take tolerance breaks

Know What Works For You

You cannot take a one-size-fits-all for cannabis usage. It works differently for everyone, depending on factors like your age, body weight, gender, and metabolism. Your tolerance levels also determine the level of high you can reach with specific quantities. As you get more experience with consumption, you will know what works for you and what doesn't.

Different recreational cannabis products exist - the oils, the weed, and other forms. If you give attention to your body, you will understand the products, delivery methods, and dosage that best suit your needs. Experts suggest that you document your response to a new product to get a fair idea of the best ones for you. For the medical use of cannabis, a doctor's prescription is always recommended.

Stay Updated

There is a lot seasoned cannabis users need to know about cannabis products, their consumption methods, and regulations. To improve the experience, cannabis users must stay updated with the latest information surrounding the use of cannabis and its products. The legal rules and regulations must be considered a top priority because you do not want to be on the wrong side of the law and face serious consequences. Even though cannabis may be legal at a given time, there can be a change in legislation at any other time. So you must stay up to date with the legislation as this will govern how, when, and where you use the substance.

Other things you should research include the legitimate age for consumption, quantities allowable for possession, travel regulations and/or restrictions, etc. Also, you should also look for the latest trends in products and consumption methods to ramp up your experience and satisfaction.

Be Experimental

If you are a regular cannabis user, you must have had your favorite strains, products, and devices. But if you are going to find out more, you need to be open to open to further experimentation. Experiment with new strains with different compositions to achieve a different feel with every session. But always begin with small quantities/doses each time. You may opt for a THC-dominant strain if you want to knock yourself into the next level of highs.

When it comes to cannabis products, there is a lot to experiment with. There are the flower, oil, edibles, concentrates, there are also the topical products with their own distinct experiences. In terms of devices used, you can occasionally switch between bong, pipes, vaporizers, and dab pens to spice up your vaping sessions. Experimentation helps you keep the fun and excitement going year long.

Prioritize Safety

With experimentation comes the boldness to pull highly dangerous stunts. For all cannabis users, safety should be the top priority. This also applies to very seasoned and experienced users. There is never a time to stop paying attention to safety. From the safety perspective, appropriate dosing matters the most such that you must make sure never to overdo things. Anyone can go wrong when trying a new product and the precaution to take is that you must begin with small does while you gradually progress higher. Edibles take some time before producing effects. A major mistake that can occur is if you take repeated doses without waiting through the time required for the edibles to act. You end up overdosing and this can have very serious consequences.

It makes sense to follow basic safety rules and not get overconfident when switching products or changing consumption methods. You must listen to your body and stop when you need to. Expect every session to be different, specifically when you try a new strain or product. Safety also includes rules like steering clear of driving after a consumption session, and ensuring that you are in a comfortable place when you start a session.

Take Tolerance Breaks

Another helpful piece of advice for cannabis lovers is to take an occasional tolerance break. When you consume cannabis week after week and month after month, results tend to wane. When this happens, you often do not get the same level of high with the same quantities you have always consumed down the line. There is the temptation to increase your intake or frequency of sessions to keep the results coming. This is wrong because it leads to a state where you keep increasing intake and get responses only when you consume extremely large quantities.

A tolerance break is a great solution as it resets your tolerance levels after prolonged use. You only need to skip cannabis for a few days to get it out of your system, and things will be much better when you start again. You will enjoy your highs even with smaller quantities and fewer sessions. This is a worthy effort for every regular user of cannabis. That means you can keep having a good time with each session for as many years as possible when you follow the safety rules and listen to your body.

I hope this guide helps you use cannabis more efficiently and healthfully.

Disclaimer: This article is not in any way intended to encourage the use of cannabis in those who are not consuming it, neither is it advocating for its continued use. We may earn some money from some links placed at no cost to you.


Emily Baker - A cannabis lover's guide to healthy cannabis use


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