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Solve This 1-Million-Dollar Puzzle To Win $1Million Now

How can you get $1 million naira now? We have celebrated new year day but the new year celebrations continue indefinitely until we all become engrossed by the activities of the year that keep us going, living and being productive.

The festive season is gradually fading out but as the celebrations gradually decline, everyone is now switching back to work mode. We want to start making money again and probably continue from where we stopped before Christmas.

You might even be in debt from spending obsessively during the festive periods, you know spending during Christmas and New Year days can be intoxicating, right? Now, how can you make a million dollars right away?

What is the fastest way to make money that huge? Well, many people have reported how they made great fortunes from cryptocurrency overnight. Some others have described making millions within short periods through avenues other than crypto? But are there really shortcuts to making such a huge amount of money?

From the title of this article, I portray that you can make one million dollars by solving a puzzle within a very short time. I am not promising you a shortcut to make a million dollars overnight but I came across a 1-million dollar puzzle you can solve and win a million dollars.

The 1-million dollar puzzle

The puzzle is a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle created by MSCHF. It has an image of a large QR code and is sold for $30 dollar. It is then shipped to you after purchase after which you are expected to solve the puzzle and scan it with a barcode scanner to win your prize.

When assembled correctly, you can win a million dollars but everyone wins something no matter what you play. There are no losers, you stand a chance to win 25 cents, 100 dollars, 1000 dollars or a million dollars but in any case, you will always win something if you assemble this QR Code completely. Yeah, let's save the hassle of getting only 25 cents for another day.

Many people have questioned if the one million dollar puzzle is legit and not just another scam out there, but there are strong indicators that it might be real and legit. It has been published on NYPost and supported by several brands like Mashable, Business Insider, iHeartRadio, Nerdist, and others.

The promotional campaign for this million-dollar puzzle heightened around November last year (2021) as this puzzle could be a really fun way to enjoy the holidays together with your family. Sales are still ongoing and you can give it a try, even if it is just for the fun of it.

You can purchase the puzzle here at just $30.

New Year Ways To Make Money This 2022

Now that you have known about the million-dollar puzzle that can almost instantly get you $1 million, would you go on to purchase it and play it to collect your prize?

This idea of playing to win one million dollars may not resonate well with some of you so I decided to include a few ways you can make money in this new year 2022. Just read through and be open to trying out some new ways to make money this new year.

1. Dropshipping

Dropshipping has been on for a while now but has become very popular recently. Dropshipping involves buying and processing payments for buyers who are interested in products that are marketed by other people after they might have seen the specifications and properties of those products on the product pages themselves.

In dropshipping, you basically become a middle-man between the actual producers or marketers of the product(s) and the buyer. When you purchase a product via dropshipping, it is shipped directly to the buyer at the address they specify during the purchase. And of course, you include your profits for helping with all of these. To learn more about dropshipping, check here.

2. Cryptocurrency

For sceptics, cryptocurrency trading has proved to be legit and lucrative over the years. With the increasing acceptance and popularity of cryptocurrency and the recent interest of Facebook's Metaverse group in cryptocurrency, it is projected to be even more lucrative within a few more years.

Cryptocurrency can be a great way to make money this 2022. For crypto enthusiasts who are unable to invest because of some psychological inertia, you should jumpstart into it as soon as possible. However, there are some precautions you should observe while trading crypto, one of which is, "never trade with money you cannot risk losing because it has to do with your livelihood".

3. Physical business

If you do not already own a business, you should consider starting one now. Starting up a physical business may take some time to establish but in the long run, it will be worth it.

There are a variety of physical business options you can consider starting up and they should be related to the products that are most demanded by people in your locality. You can also search deeper for other business opportunities that may not have been already harnessed by business persons in your locality.

4. Tech

Tech remains one of the ever-growing and lucrative areas you can specialise in this 2022. Tech involves computer programming, data analysis, software designs and maintenance, as well as innovative hardware like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), etc

5. Graphics and Animation

Quite a few people have entered this field and are already making thousands from it. Graphics involves the art of designing works that appeal to the eyes of viewers and convey a particular message to them. Animation is the sub-skillset of graphics involved in the creation of graphical objects or images that can behave as though they were alive, through the ability to make them move or appear to do so.

This is one other skill that can fetch you millions of money this 2022 and there are quite a number of lessons out there to get you started.

Finals words

I started off by telling you about a jig-saw puzzle you could solve to win a million dollars but I didn't stop at just that. In the later part of this post, you have seen other lucrative ventures you should consider investing in this 2022. I hope this is helpful.

And if you go ahead to purchase the jigsaw puzzle, I would like you to comment on how much you won in the comment box below. This might take a number of days but no worries, I am waiting for you in the comments below. Have a nice year ahead.

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