10 Trendy Jewelry For Teens – Silver, Zirconium & Gold

Here are 10 trendy jewelry ideas for your teenage child made of silver, gold or zirconium.

Beautiful teenage girl wearing a hoop earring
Beautiful teenage girl wearing a hoop earring

If you are a teenager, this is a post you will definitely find exciting because you will find ten of the most trendy jewelry for teens in this post. If you are a parent of teens, here are great jewelry choices you can get for your kids this coming holidays.

In recent years, we have seen a crop of teens who are obsessed with gadgets and who keep up to date on the latest phones and devices on the market. Teens have also delved into fashion like never before. Today, we have fashion and personalized jewelry trends for teens as well. Much like other fashion trends, designs and concepts in teen jewelry and fashion are changing by the day, and here are some of the latest jewelry trends for you or your teenage children.

By the way, teens have become so selective in their choice of jewelry. Teen jewelry trends are currently in favor of personalized or customized jewelry. They would not accept anything less than something customized to match the theme of the occasion or event.

10 Trendy Jewelry For Teens (2022)

1. Jeweled Moon Pendant

Moon gold pendant

The Jeweled Moon Pendant is a trendy sweet double-layered necklace with a half-moon and star concept. The cubic zircon stones on the pendant add a radiant shine to the necklace. It is set in 14 Karat Gold and flashed Sterling Silver, further adding to its luster and radiance. The jeweled moon pendant is one trendy piece of jewelry your teen will definitely love. Also, you have several customization options available just in case your teen wants something different.

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2. Two-tone Heart Ring

A two-tone ring gives the required variety that teens definitely love. This ring is set in 925 sterling silver with a rose gold infinity, making it the perfect gift for her birthday or any occasion. The two rose-gold infinity designs perfectly intertwine with the silver heart, making it look really appealing and stylish for major events, occasions, and birthdays.

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3. Starry Night Teen Earrings

Starry night gold earrings

The starry night earrings feature a fascinating concept of stars and moon in a dark night sky. Young teens are fascinated by the galaxy and heavenly bodies concept, the more reason your little princess will treasure this pair so much. The design is set within a gold rim and held by a hypoallergenic metal hook. There is also an option for having a flashed sterling silver instead of gold, based on your preferences. Considering the exquisiteness of this simple design earring, your pretty daughter would absolutely love it.

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4. Rainbow CZ Charms

Rainbow zirconia bracelet

This charming bracelet is made of beautiful rainbow-colored cubic zirconia stones overlaid on a 925 sterling silver ring. The multicolor which includes blue, yellow, red, pink, green, and black gives a radiant but simplistic look that makes this jewelry the perfect option for your teen daughter on her birthday. This jewelry goes well with casual, as well as party-style dresses and you can choose to customize the bracelet options according to age or size.

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5. Cubic Zirconia Crown Earrings

Crown zirconia earrings

If you wish to do something special for your little princess, these wonderful cubic zircon crown earrings will be the perfect option for the season. The design holds special relevance and sparkle in the ears – a crown-shaped design set in 925 sterling silver metal with an inlay of priceless cubic zircon stones that gives the right radiance to your beautiful princess. Finally, the threaded post back made of hypoallergenic metal material gives it a good fit suitable for casual use and for sensitive skin.

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6. Fireball Screw Back Earrings

Fireball zirconia earring

Fireball screw-back earrings are perfect for bold teens and will match up with their bold personalities. The earring is set in sterling silver material adorned with many cubic zircon stones arranged in the shape of a radiant ball. It features a threaded post for added fitness and safety that makes it the perfect option for outdoor parties and birthdays. There is a variety of styles and sizes depending on your needs or your teen’s preferences. You can only imagine the intensity of the dazzling smile your little princess will emanate.

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7. Personalized Heart-shaped Necklace

Customizable silver necklace

This heart-shaped necklace is a customizable piece of jewelry that can take the name of your teen girl. It is a simplistic design but advanced concept that will not only blow your daughter’s mind away but also make observers thrust their jaws so low. It is set in 925 sterling silver with a metal clamp and a silver-plated chain that can be adjusted to size.

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8. Stacked Open-heart Ring

Open heart silver ring

The open-heart ring has a minimalistic design, simple but elegant. It consists of an open ring and a heart-cut-out design set in 925 silver metal giving it a simple look with a brilliant natural shine. They can be stacked on each other to give your beautiful teen daughter the best show ever. Additionally, it is safe for sensitive skin and can also be worn on a casual basis.

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9. Cross Dangle Earrings

Dangle cross earrings for teens

The dangling Cross design earrings are the prettiest Halloween festival earrings you’d ever find. They come in silver or gold-plated designs with sprinklings of zirconia all over. The simple, yet elegant style of the Cross dangle earrings will perfectly suit any dress your beautiful teen chooses to wear for the Halloween festival. It also comes with a threaded post-back fit for extra seal.

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10. CZ Cowgirl Cactus Style Earrings

Cactus-themed earring

Picture the image of a cactus plant in a garden pot. Wouldn’t that be a great Halloween style for your daughter? The earring features a cactus-themed design set in 925 silver metal and cubic zirconia stones that shine perfectly as your pretty daughter wants. Apart from the great looks this pair of earrings give to your daughter, it also comes with a screw-back earring that ensures ultra-comfort and safety for your child.

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Now, that is just some insights into trendy personalized jewelry designs for your teen(s). The ideas are inexhaustive as you can have a variety of designs based on these ten ideas or even those entirely different, but this is just a starting point.

Can’t Adults Try Some of These Jewelry Ideas?

I am pretty sure you encountered some of the designs above that you personally fell in love with. Instead of thinking about purchasing it for your teen daughter (which was your original intention), you had decided to buy it for yourself instead.

Of course, these designs are not limited to adults or children. The only difference may be the occasion, the parental and child preferences, as well as their relative costs. If you can afford it, nothing stops you from purchasing for your teen daughter too. She would definitely love it and that will further boost her confidence as a young girl.

Final Words

Children are becoming more trendy than previously. Nowadays, we have teen fashion influencers behind large social media accounts on the internet. It is good that you keep your child up to the trends and enjoy the happiness that gives her.

Those were just ten trendy jewelry ideas for your teen but there are countless others you can find out there.

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