How To Find Your Side Hustle And Excel In It

Finding a side hustle can be quite hard but with the right tips, you can find your way. Here are some tips for you.

How to find a side hustle

Finding a side hustle is one of the things you’d hear many people talk about. Perhaps you have heard about the side hustle of life. Finding a side hustle could seem appealing if you are someone who has some extra time outside work, or if you desire to make more money than you already do.

In regards to finding a side hustle, looking for what to do is not the most difficult thing but excelling in it and making a side income is even more important. Whether you have a hobby you believe you can turn into a business, or simply looking into what is possible, here, I will show you how to find side hustle opportunities and succeed at them.

Finding a Side Hustle

Finding a side hustle is not as difficult as most people think or experience. It begins with looking into yourself to find things you are already passionate about or into what experiences you have garnered over the years.

Here are some practical ways to find a side hustle

1. Think about your life experience

A side hustle is basically something you can do outside your regular 9 to 5, or 8 to 4 job. Your life experiences will serve as a good consideration in the choice of your side hustle.

For example, if you are a former teacher or an expert mother with childcare experience, getting a nanny job can be a lucrative part-time hustle that can contribute to your weekly income. Also, if you have some experience in content writing, you can discover several avenues to turn your writing passion and skill into a side hustle, as I do on this blog.

Some side hustle avenues may require you to pass some assessment checks, e.g., nanny background checks may be required for reliable nanny gigs, or paying content platforms may require you to show proof of your expertise. However, the efforts you put into finding a side hustle will eventually pay off in the end.

2. Do your research

It is normal to wonder what side hustle opportunities will be lucrative. You never know where that idea could take you when you invest your free time into it. Finding some time to do some research can give you an idea of a good side hustle that can elevate your financial level.

With adequate research, you can find an amazing side hustle opportunity that not only brings you some extra cash but also brings some joy and fulfillment in your life.

Doing research can involve asking other people who are already in what you plan to do, or reading about it. A simple Google search could provide you with some insights into a great side hustle that won’t disappoint.

Get a pen and paper in hand as you brainstorm new ideas. Once you have pinpointed the best options for you, you can do further research, learn more, and apply the information obtained so far into your side hustle.

3. Talk to hustlers you know

If you are thinking of breaking into your side hustle life, you may be unsure of where to start. However, there will always be some people in your circle who have had expert experience in side hustling and would be willing to share some advice tips to get started.

Chances are that they have gotten to where they are through trial and error. So they could probably guide you in your hustle dreams by providing tips on what to do and what to avoid.

4. Don’t be afraid to start small

Some people give up too soon. They think that they should be making big bucks out of it, but the reality is that it often takes time to get the kind of cash one would want from a side hustle. Some writers don’t start making more money until they’ve gained experience after a year or so. Some artists take time to perfect their craft until they’re ready to get high-end clients.

Start small with your side hustle, and then keep it going. You could eventually turn your side hustle into an amazing source of income. The thing about becoming great at something is that it takes practice, so don’t be afraid to get some practice in while still working a job. As you gain confidence and skills, you can start exploring opportunities for growth in your side hustle.

5. Keep it simple

Your side hustles should not have to take too much of your time or effort, especially if you are already leading a busy professional life. For example, a writing or illustration project you can do in your free time but pays you well could be an ideal thing to pursue.

It could be something simple like dog-walking your neighbor’s dog in your free time. Finding a simple side hustle not only makes you earn extra money easily with little or no exhaustion but also increases your chances of succeeding at it together with your main job.


While it takes effort and time to explore and land the right side hustle opportunity for you, once you do, it can open up a whole new world of income and revenue for you.

You will find that there are opportunities available for those who like to be creative with their work. While it takes effort to explore and land on the right side hustle for you, once you do, you can open up a whole new world of income and revenue for you.

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