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Can The World Be A Better Place? Why It's So Impossible

Can the world get better?
The pop artist, Michael Jackson, of blessed memory, was just one of the many inhabitants of the world who wants things to be different. He sang "heal the world, make it a better place for me, you and the entire universe... It was such an interesting song that carries some deep meaning with it. But now he is no more, it's been more than a decade since he released that song in 1992, but what has the world done about that message?
Humans are consistently trying to make the world better and more comfortable by the creation of mindblowing inventions but global trends are still moving towards the direction of chaos rather than orderliness. Does it mean we have deliberately ignored the warning of the king of pop, or it's just too difficult and impossible to heal the world? We will see what we can do later.

Global Trends To Date

All pointers indicate that the world will continue to head towards chaos despite the advancement in health care, military, technology and food production. Why is it so? Is there a way out? Let's see some global trends that have made the world worse than ever;
  • Increasing wars: After the first world War between 1914-18, the second followed in 1939-45. These are the two largest wars in history but since then, many other wars and inter-people crises have been seen. Even intra-nation and intra-tribal wars have been witnessed too. 
    The UN and Global Unions have fought to maintain peace and to prevent the emergence of a third world war. But all these efforts are at best, only sparingly effective. There have been a series of wars since then, some even unrecorded and overlooked. The cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union which lasted for over a decade was not based on arms and weapons but was waged on political, economic and propaganda fronts. It should be noted that many of such cold wars are currently ongoing today and the rest have maintained the conventional violent nature.

  • Global warming and changing temperatures:  No matter how much scientists stress the need to protect the environment from global warming, it just seems like an inevitable end. It's as though we are on the path to total environmental deterioration but we are just acting to slow down the rate at which we get there. But even with the warnings about global warming and other disastrous environmental phenomena, we still unavoidable and sometimes uncontrollably pollute the environment and make it worse. 
    In a bid to advance technology, we indirectly introduce harm into the environment through fumes, aerosols, chemicals and dust, etc, and for now, our only hope is to stand fully for an ecofriendly, green environment devoid of dangerous pollutants. And again, this must be a concerted effort.

  • Declining culture of love and peace: Nations who were at peace with each other are gradually drifting apart for political, economic and military reasons. Everyone wants to be seen as strongest, and instead of fostering the culture of love and peace, this is almost completely replaced by the culture of hate, rivalry, mistrust and competition. These things are obvious and they are everywhere around us.

  • Political tyranny: Within the last decade, we have witnessed many anti-government protests. These protests included Black Lives Matter sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, USA; the #ENDSARS protest in Nigeria against police brutality and government corruption; New Year Day 2020 protest in Hong Kong spurred by the desire of the people of Hong Kong for Democracy and fair trial for criminal suspects; #RunWithMaud, Juneteenth Protests, etc. Isn't it obvious where we are heading towards?

    But one important question we can ask ourselves is "can the world ever get better?". Let's see some answers to this question next.

Can The World Get Better

The global trends above point to one dead end, that the world cannot get any better, or at least, it is extremely difficult and practically impossible to make the world a better place. But if you were to answer from your optimistic point of view, you would agree that it is not absolutely impossible to make the world a better place. However, this may be very difficult to achieve bearing in mind that, even nature itself seems to be overwhelmed by the abundant human activities that release nothing else, but extreme pollution. 
All things being equal, how can we make the world a better place. Still in the spirit of optimism, even if we can no longer achieve the ideal utopia, where everything is perfect and life is at its best, we can at least make it better for me, you and the entire universe, just like Michael Jackson sang about. Below are some ways we can make the world a better place. 

How To Make The World A Better Place

  1. Building the spirit of integrity
  2. Unity and oneness
  3. Upholding justice 
  4. Protection our environment
  5. Religious tolerance
  6. Little kindness

Building The Spirit of Integrity

I once said, "if everyone can have unwavering integrity, the world would be a better place by a lot". This is very true because integrity brings trust and trust brings respect. I was humbled when a certain shop keeper allowed me to go without even ear-marking me even when I have not paid for what I bought someday. But that's because I had once demonstrated integrity to the show keeper. Integrity breeds trust and that's one sure way we can build a better world.

Unity and Oneness

Not only is the world experiencing deteriorating changes, but relationships are also drifting apart. People that once shared beliefs, values and great bonds are now mikes apart from each other. This sequelae of chaos and disunity have proven not to be capable of making things easier for any of us. As the world seems to get worse, we can cushion its effects by uniting with ourselves even more.
It is interesting to add that disunity is one of the root causes of some of the major problems I listed above. Why don't we embrace unity and oneness to see how much benefits it will have on our lives and the world at large?

Upholding Justice

Injustice has become one of the primary causes of violence worldwide. Judicial institutions can now be usurped by power and money. There is no more rule of law, no checks and balances in government and this has been pivotal to many mishaps worldwide. 
Even in the informal settings of the home, justice is important in maintaining order, such that in the absence of justice, individuals may take laws into their hands. This has been the case in official settings, and the case of the government of the day.

Protection Our Environment

A culture of environmental safety, hygiene and cleanliness not only make the surrounding world habitable for us in current time, but it also makes the world a whole lot better in the long run, at least, better than it would have been if nothing good was done about it.
If we must make the world a better place for us all, we must cultivate the eco-friendly attitudes and lifestyles. 

Religious Tolerance

The longstanding raging Israeli-Arab war was based on some religious cum geopolitical reasons. Several crises across the world are based on religious and sometimes racial differences. Religion is a central tenet of many societies, however, religious intolerance and bigotry have negated the useful effects of religion. If you truly want to make the world a better place, you mist have to cultivate tolerance for those of other religions.

Little Kindness

Little acts of kindness make the world a better place for its inhabitants. There is already enough sorrow and wickedness in the world. So try little kindness and put a smile on somebody's face. That will go a very long way. If you show kindness to one person each day for the rest of your life, you would have shown kindness to at least 20,000 more people, and if these 20,000 follow suit, they would each reach 400 million individuals collectively. But what if these 400 million do their bid to show kindness too.
You now see how easy it is to affect the world, right? Even though easy, yet it has always proven difficult because inhabitants of the world could never choose to be united for one course at the same time. 
I don't even imagine that achieve global unity van be such an easy thing considering we already have many differences in language, religions, ideologies, cultures, traditions, and so on. But a little step towards the right direction counts more than great strides, but in the wrong path.

In conclusion, so many things stand on our way of making the world a better place, most of these things are uncontrollable natural events, others a man-made and modifiable. It may not be so easy as anticipated but we must concertedly walk in the right direction to achieve a world we could call a better place than the way it already is.
At this point, let me hear from you below.

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