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September 17, 2020

5 Reasons Women Stop Paying Attention To Their Looks After Marriage

Why do some women stop paying attention to their beauty after marriage; Photos credit: GettyImages
Little girls below the age of 10 spend very little time on their looks. In fact, they don't care how they look. They just want to know that their clothes are beautiful enough to make them happy and not feel intimidated by those of other kids. But…

September 17, 2020

Procrastination; Consequences and Solutions To The Plus One Syndrome

Procrastination/plus one syndrome Medically, a syndrome is a group of symptoms that consistently occur together in a condition. That is, these symptoms are almost always seen together when the medical condition is present and their presence can thus, be used to confirm that the medical condition is present. Advertisement Advertisement But…

September 15, 2020

How To Trigger Your Man's Hero Instincts To Get Back His Attention

Dreams fulfilled, GettyImages
Are you experiencing hitches in your relationship with your man? You know he is committed to you but you notice that he is not acting his best around you like your man. Does it seem like his attention is disconnected from you? Or he begins to act bossy or say things that show that he is trying to secure a position of …

September 01, 2020

7 Basic Things You Need To Achieve Your Dreams

Dreams fulfilled, GettyImages
You will agree with me that it's one thing to have dreams and it is another to see them get fulfilled. Many people who had great dreams have had to let them slip through their fingers. And some others do not even know how the ended up forgetting all they dreamt of. Just like the dreams in your deep night sleep, dr…

August 30, 2020

How To Successfully Implement Your Monthly Budget

Budgeting, Pixabay
Let's just face the truth. Keeping a budget is hard. You tried to be more accountable and manage your finances more carefully, then it all ends in frustration. Just towards the middle of the month and you can already see your budget plans exceeded. You are really discouraged and seek to live your life simply the way it used …

August 30, 2020

Reasons Why Male Doctors Are Naturally Considered Flirts And Promiscuous

Flirting Doctor and Nurse image, source: Shutterstock
All men are cheats, flirts, liars and everything bad. So the very experienced ladies would say. Very experienced because they are pretty sure about their claims.
But could this be just another arbitrary statement deduced from a case with one man as a reference sample, or were all man actually t…