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10 Unique Ways to Spend Valentine's Day With Your Significant Other This Year

Ways to Spend Valentine's Day With Your Significant Other
Year after year, do you try to come up with unique ways to spend Valentine's day? Here are ten suggestions that you might try to make this Valentine's Day special for both of you.

Adopt a Pet

If you don't currently have a pet, or if you already do, consider adding a furry friend to your family. For dog or cat lovers, this would be the perfect gift for that special someone. Most places that sell pet care supplies have adoption days where unwanted pets may be adopted. Go together to choose that ideal addition to your family. Or if you know that your Valentine loves dogs, surprise her or him with a darling new puppy. Then shop for the items you will need to care for your pet. Begin with useful items such as a kennel of the appropriate size, food, food and water dishes, toys, collar, and leash.

To top off the day, go to your favorite restaurant, enjoy a meal and discuss the best name for your new companion. What more could your Valentine ask for?

Pamper Yourselves With a Couple's Spa Day

Looking for unique ways to spend Valentine's day? A day at the spa would be a relaxing and fun experience for you both. Enjoy a day spa that offers various services to enhance health and beauty while providing relaxation with body massages, facials, nail care, etc. It can be a romantic experience sharing a glass of bubbly while sitting next to each other while getting a pedicure. A day spa differs from a typical beauty salon in that it offers various amenities like a steam room, sauna, and pool in which clients can be pampered alongside rose bouquets while soaking.

There isn't a woman alive who wouldn't enjoy time to relax and be pampered in the luxurious manner offered in a day spa. Here are the top five spa treatments which help alleviate aches and pains, relieve stress, and enhance your sense of wellbeing.

Try one of the following treatments:

  • Swedish massage: A massage is one of the most popular spa treatments. The Swedish massage remains the top choice year after year. It is known for its fantastic stress relieving benefits because of the kneading, tapping, vibrations, and sliding that the therapist does to ease muscle tension.
  • Hot stone massage: This massage offers the benefits like the Swedish massage but with the added benefit of carefully placed warmed stones on the body. The heat of the stone reduces inflammation and stiffness plus relaxes the muscles. The stones are placed on acupressure points, which help to ease tension when massaged.
  • Facial Pampering: Facials are typically thought of as beauty treatments, but they are also relaxing and rejuvenating. They offer a combination of skin treatment and massage. The products used are designed to help your skin issues, along with the therapist's gentle touch, relieves tension in your facial muscles, allowing you to feel refreshed and at ease.
  • Scalp Massage and Deep Conditioning: Think about your head and hair when considering a day spa. A massage of the scalp will leave you feeling very relaxed, and the time and attention devoted to your scalp will encourage blood flow to the hair follicles, which promotes hair growth. Deep conditioning leaves the hair moisturized and frizz-free. This is a stress-reliever and a beauty treatment in one!
  • Pedicure and Foot Massage: Oh, how glorious are a pedicure and foot massage! What would be better after being on your feet all day at work, shopping, or sightseeing? A pedicure and foot massage is the pinnacle of pampering and something that a couple can enjoy together. Your feet will not only look great but feel great as well.

Many day spas combine the services of both a hair salon and a spa. How about treating your Valentine to a new haircut or hairstyle in addition to the relaxation and pampering offered in a day spa? Your special someone will love it.

Redo a Room in Your Home

This is the perfect suggestion for the DIYers among you. Has your Valentine been complaining about the kitchen in your home? How about surprising him or her with redoing the kitchen cabinets that they dislike? Many home improvement centers can offer advice on how to remodel kitchen cabinets. Most offer classes at no charge to explain how it is done to achieve a professional-looking finished product.

Then together, decide on colors, finishes, hardware choice, etc. Purchase the tools and other necessary items. Return home and begin the romantic-esque experience of turning that mundane kitchen into the beautiful kitchen of your dreams. Enjoy a latte or glass of bubbly during a break, and together envision how the end result will look.

This is the perfect suggestion for the romantic DIYers among you and one that your partner will be sure to love. Another advantage is that you will have redone kitchen cabinets at a fraction of the cost of new ones. Who wouldn't love this idea as one of the many unique ways to spend Valentine's day?

Make a Splurge-Worthy Purchase for Your Home

Does your Valentine like to swim? How about adding a built-in swimming pool to your landscape? If it is in the budget, this is a Valentine's Day gift you both can enjoy for years to come. Does your home need new carpeting? Has he or she been complaining about the state of the flooring in your home? If so, the prospect of new carpeting or hardwood flooring would make any Valentine happy. Or is your Valentine a music lover? If he or she plays an instrument, this could be the perfect gift. A beautiful baby grand piano positioned in a prominent place in your home would delight any Valentine.

A retailer specializing in piano sales can help you choose the best instrument for the size of your room, have it delivered, and positioned in any area of your home. If you decide to purchase a used instrument, you can hire piano movers that will safely and expertly move your piano. If you both love the piano, but neither one of you play, purchase a player piano. Then have it play romantic piano concertos while enjoying your beverage of choice. What a romantic experience this could be, as it would make for one of those unique ways to spend Valentine's day as well as a perfect celebration of the holiday.

Try Out a New Local Restaurant

Do you both enjoy dining out? Is your new favorite place to dine the closest Italian restaurant to your home? What a perfect Valentine's Day gift. There is something so romantic and special about an Italian restaurant.

With the table coverings, subdued lighting, and fabulous food, the ambiance makes this the ideal place to celebrate something special. Toast your Valentine and your remarkable relationship with a glass of wine, then enjoy a fabulous meal that could only be offered in an Italian restaurant.

If Italian cuisine isn't to your taste, find a restaurant you have not tried and celebrate your love by experiencing something new. You may find a new favorite restaurant that will become "your place" and will be enjoyed by you both for years to come.

Watch a Movie With a Twist

Looking for more unique ways to spend Valentine's day? If you're both movie lovers, do you have a favorite film? Or several favorites? How about a projector screen rental to enjoy your favorite films on a big screen. Do you love old movies? A movie such as Gone With the Wind or an action flick such as an Indiana Jones or a James Bond movie are great to watch on a big screen.

Enjoy popcorn, a beverage, or a pizza, cuddle up under your favorite throw, and let the movie entertain you. There would not be much cost involved in this rental, and the enjoyment it could provide you both is invaluable. Many romances have begun in a movie theater. Celebrate your romance in the comfort of your own home, enjoying one of your favorite films. Your Valentine will love it, and so will you.

Make a Romantic Scrapbook

Is your Valentine into scrapbooking? This has become a new favorite hobby for many, and stores that sell hobby stamps and supplies have sprung up all over. Suggest making a scrapbook of your relationship. This idea is one of those unique ways to spend Valentine's day that allows you to work together to showcase all of the important dates and experiences you have enjoyed together. You will have a book that can be added to as you have new and meaningful experiences appreciated by you both.

Add things to it such as photographs, ticket stubs, programs from the theater or a baseball game, and romantic cards you have given to each other. Any item that is meaningful to you both can be put into this book, preserving it for your future enjoyment.

If there are any children from your relationship, think about how they might participate in this project with you. Not only will it add to their sense of security, but it is something fun you could do as a family to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Create Personalized Bookmarks

Here is another one of those unique ways to spend Valentine's day that a family could enjoy. There are many different ways to personalize a bookmark. Using stamps purchased from a scrapbooking store, or any retailer, you can have hours of fun completing a project such as this. Consider laminating the finished product to preserve them. Are you active in your church? Add your favorite Bible verse to a bookmark and illustrate it with an appropriate picture or symbol on one side and the verse on the other.

Do you love animals? How about using different mammals, birds, butterflies, fish, or any creature you love and include a short description of them on one side and a picture on the other. Are you a lover of plants, flowers, and trees? This would be perfect for a nature lover. Again, the picture on one side and description on the other. This would be a fun activity in which children could participate. Many bookmarks could be made and used as gifts for grandparents, aunts, uncles, or any special friends or family members.

Start an Indoor Garden

Do you wish you could enjoy fresh herbs or produce grown at home? Do you live in a city apartment where there is no green space available for growing? How about starting an indoor garden together using flower boxes. Even for those couples without a green thumb, you can grow your own veggies and herbs easily. It will save money and trips to the grocery store or produce stand, and you will have the enjoyment of doing this together. For the city-dwelling couples without the backyard space or if continuous inclement weather is a problem where you live, bringing in the outdoors is the most logical solution.

Not only is this a fun activity, but it also has extraordinary health benefits. Studies have shown that indoor gardening is linked to increased satisfaction of life, psychological wellbeing, and cognitive functioning. It also reduces stress, fatigue, anger, depression, and anxiety symptoms. Tending plants and watching them grow is an activity that couples can do together while saving money on herbs and produce. If you both enjoy cooking, this is one of the most ideal and unique ways to spend Valentine's day and one that you could share with others.

Arrange a Surprise

Has the time come in your relationship to think of a long-term commitment? How about surprising her with a diamond engagement ring? There is no more perfect day in the year to confess your feelings and desire to spend the rest of your life with her. Valentine's Day marks the end of "proposal season." It begins around Thanksgiving, peaks at Christmas, and concludes with Valentine's Day. Forty percent of all engagements occur between November and February. Studies have shown that most women feel that Valentine's Day is the best day to get engaged.

Do you have a favorite spot that you have enjoyed together many times throughout your relationship? A favorite restaurant where you love to dine? Or do you travel and love Paris, for example? Present her with an engagement ring at the base of the Eiffel Tower. Or something simple, like a walk in your favorite park or bike ride on a trail, can be just as meaningful when you present her with the ring. This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences she will cherish for the rest of her life. If you make it special for her, it will be memorable for you as well.

Or how about the proposal in your favorite restaurant and then shopping together for an engagement ring? It is not easy to know what kind of ring your intended will want to wear. Shopping together will help to alleviate any indecision you may have when deciding what to purchase. Diamonds come in many different shapes, sizes, cuts, and clarity of stone. If you know your budget prior to going to the jeweler, that helps eliminate some of the indecision that may occur while shopping.

Many women know what style of ring they would enjoy wearing, if white gold or yellow gold, rose gold or platinum, there are engagement rings for any taste or any budget. Whether you surprise her with a ring you have purchased on your own, or if you decide to shop together, it is bound to be one of the most important events of your relationship.

Valentine's Day is significant in the lives of many. When partners remember it with a special gift, celebration, card, or any thoughtful gesture of caring, it becomes like a glue that makes the relationship stronger. Think of some unique ways to spend Valentine's day. If you know and understand your Valentine, coming up with the best way to surprise her or him should not be difficult. The important thing is to spend the day with your special person and make it a day neither one of you will forget.

In addition to the ideas above, there is a myriad of ways to celebrate Valentine's Day. Enjoy breakfast in bed, exchange love letters, have a game night, rent a cozy cabin in the woods, take a relaxing bubble bath together and toast each other with champagne. And don't forget the candles and music! So whether you decide to surprise her or him with a trip, romantic dinner, a walk and picnic in your favorite park, or a trip to the jeweler, there are many unique ways to spend Valentine's Day. Just remember to make this day special. You won't be sorry you did.

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