Our Publishing Standards

My name is Prosper Yole. I am the chief administrator of Knowseeker.com, and I want to use this medium to welcome you to the Knowseeker Authorship Programme. It feels good to have you around.

The purpose of this article is to introduce you to our writing standards and to emphasize how much we value giving quality content to our users. You might be here to improve your writing, make some business deals, and so on, but before you get a chance to write your first content on Knowseeker, tell yourself that you are first here to give value to our collective audience. Everything else is secondary, at least, that’s how we choose to see it.

Without further ado, here are some guidelines for publishing on Knowseeker.

Publishing Guidelines

  1. The article must be informative, educative, or enlightening in areas related to relationships, business, health, tech, and lifestyle.
  2. It must not be promotional for any brand (not having the brand name in the title or appearing more than once in the body without any necessary need to make it so), but if it needs to be promotional, the client will need to pay a special fee for sponsorship and article will bear any of our “sponsored tags”.
  3. Casino, CBD, and explicit content are not allowed but not absolutely. If they must be published, the article has to go through the standard vetting process by our administrative authors.
  4. Content must be at least 1000 words long. This does not mean you can just write junk words to hit the mark. You need to have a logical flow in your presentation. Avoid using confusing words.
  5. Use headings to separate sections but make the content under each heading relevant to it.
  6. You are required to remit $80 per link placed for any client’s website. This is subject to change at any time.
  7. You must use your real author name in your author’s bio, and a good description that matches what you do.
  8. You are also required to have some basic knowledge of SEO content optimization and keyword research.

Image Guidelines

You should have at least one image in your article, preferably at the beginning, up to a maximum of 10 images, or more if there is a special need for more images. Image size must not be more than 65kb per image, and dimensions must be between 600px – 750px * 400px – 500px. This should be resized to 750px * 500px in the editor’s dashboard except when the image is required to be of a smaller size or the original size.


You can reasonably expect to enjoy the following benefits;

  1. You can request to have a custom email bearing your name, e.g, [email protected] with full access.
  2. You can submit content for clients and make money from links. However, you must remit $80 per link placed. This is subject to change at any time.


The guidelines specified in this article are subject to change at any time. Failure to comply with these can result in your article(s) being permanently or temporarily deleted from the live site, or your membership being permanently terminated.

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