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Four Things to Make Work Productive and Interesting

Some few years ago, I read the book titled "Fish!" by Stephen C. Lundin et al. The author really clearly spelled out how to make work more enjoyable and interesting.
There are a great many people that are not satisfied with their job for one reason or another. They either complain that the job is too stressful or the pay is too small commensurately. In other situations, they find that their passion did not really wish them to do such a job.
However, there is a good quote that I have come to love which says 'you have to love what you do even if you are not doing what you love'. This is important because you really don't deserve to have your happiness compromised all because you are not doing what you most desire at the moment. Happiness increases your productivity and makes you derive more satisfaction from your life. Let me add that happiness is contagious. You will soon find out how.

Stephen Lundin et al was very emphatic about the four things that make you enjoy your work to the extent I couldn't drop the book until I got to the end. These points included the following:

1. Choose your Attitude
2. Learn to Play as You Work
3. Make your Customers' Day
4. Be Present

These four approaches are tested and trusted strategies on how to build an interesting workplace for you and your customers.

1. Choose Your Attitude

According to Lundin's book, the author used menial workers and traders to illustrate their concept. However, this information can be extrapolated to other professional and non-professional jobs you may be involved in.
Our jobs directly or indirectly affect the people around us, both far and near. Your attitude is the most important factor in having a more productive work done. And attitude in this concept refers to your moods, general demeanour, physical expression and your display of enthusiasm in the job.
You can choose to have a cheerful attitude or a depressed one. But one thing you must always remember is that the people watching you will not see the reasons you have in your mind. So you must choose to appear lively and happy, at least, for your time in that job. It is also important to know that before your skills and expertise begin to show, your attitude first goes before you.

2. Play as You Work

It was really exhilarating as Lundin et al portrayed the fish sellers playing as they worked. Every one of them was counted as a part of the work-play group as they happily performed to the viewing pleasure of their interested customers. You would be forced to ask if they were a group of singers or dancers or the like, but they were not. Fish sellers who made one of the most boring jobs become the most interesting thing they do each day.
You know the implication of that? They cooled off their worries as well as provided pleasure to their customers. This also makes their customers to always go to them whenever they needed to get what they offered for sales. Read Here On 10 Ways to Make Your Customers Stay.

3. Make your Customer's Day

You can never really do something nice to your customers if you are first not happy with what you do. By making their day, you give them a reason to be happy or thankful for that day. You later discover that their joy infuses some amount of strength and encouragement into you, especially when you hear them whisper to you "You made my day".

4. Be Present with Them

After five rounds of fruitless questioning, I had become tired of asking "how much is this item?" The saleswoman was busy discussing with a fellow at the expense of my satisfaction as a customer. Then, I knew what to do the next time I walk towards her shop, just walk straight until I meet the next person.
Every customer desires to be satisfied with the services you render. They want to feel happy as they walk out of your shop or service station. By this, a stronger bond is created between you both and work becomes more interesting consequently.
By being present, you listen and respond to their questions and show them that even their seemingly unimportant remarks and questions become important to you. And just within a few moments, they notice that you are present with them and boom! they are all over you.
Read Here On Being Present With Your Customers.

Even if you are not satisfied with your job, you must remember one thing. You can't afford to live a sad life all through your days. Happiness not only guarantees you success, but it also guarantees you health and long life.
Instead of reacting sadly to your situation, just stay happy and work towards where you wish to be. Interestingly, when you react positively and happily at your job though it may not be the best you wanted, you become more productive and stand a chance of being honoured by your boss if you are an employee.
Just like any other thing out there, instead of getting depressed because of your job, start working out ways to get closer to what you desire. But still, those are four things to make your work productive and interesting.

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