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The Best Visual Contents to Improve Your Online Business

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Improving your online business is a matter of paramount importance. Many businesses, small, medium and large-scale businesses have tapped into the rich benefits of going online. You may have created a website for your business, or opened a social media outlet where you can engage with potential clients and also showcase your products to the general public. If you have done these things, you will realise that there is a lot to be done, as far as improving your online business visibility and patronage is concerned.

One of the best ways you can increase your traffic, engage your visitors and make them to keep staying with you, is to provide the best contents tailored to their needs. These could be a good blogpost about your products, or some general contents related to your business niche. However, adding visual content will often skyrocket the performance of your online business but not very many people tap into these potentials already.

Visual contents will help you connect better with your audience and reveal your brand's story and identity. For example, converting your documents to an SVG image format makes them more appealing to visitors. SVG is a vector image format that renders without compromising quality no matter how much the image is manipulated. In this post, I will show you more ways you can tap into the use of visual contents that will give your online business the required boost.

The Best Visual Contents For Your Online Business

You may have known one or two things about these visual contents but in this section, I will give you more information about them and how you can get them implemented very easily.


The statement, "A picture is worth a thousand words" is practically true and effective in the area of advertisements and currently, online business and website optimization. Frederick R. Barnard published a piece titled, "One looks is worth a thousand words", commending the effectiveness of graphics advertising and this statement is still practicable in the present day world of advertisement and traffic optimization.

When you incorporate images to your business contents, it makes your audience to understand better what you are trying to illustrate, even when words might not be able to do so effectively.

Creating quality images that makes good impression on your audience requires your knowledge of what colours best describes your idea and the right words to be included in your image text. More so, if you have a PDF content, it is possible to convert it to an SVG image format that renders part or all of the content as an image on your business website. It is also possible to convert your files to many other image formats using the tool on the website. Getting your content in a visual form, other than plain text, offers you a good chance to boost your online business presence or visibility.


Even the most boring concepts can be easily understood when it is watched. There seem to be some added satisfaction when people watch a video. You can harness the property of videos by including them in your business website or incorporating them in your contents.

A well-produced video of your product or service can push your business to the next level. It also help customers connect with your brand and understand more things about your business that normal text contents would not have been able to provide.

Video content often employs the use of pre-recorded video or a collection of several images merged together using video-editing programs. If you are going to use images in your video, you can also use the tool I shared above to convert them to SVG format before merging them into your video. This is to ensure better quality of your video and better user satisfaction.

The following types of videos will be beneficial in promoting your online business:

  • Interviews
  • Remember that live videos on platforms ranging from Facebook to Instagram
  • How-to-videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Animated videos
  • Customer Testimonial Video
  • In-app video content like Instagram Boomerang, etc

A simple rule of thumb in making your video content captivating is to keep your video runtime under two minutes for video contents that aim only to spur the user into some actions like clicking a link. For how to videos, interviews, products reviews, etc, the video length may of course be longer. The rule of thumb here is that you must be seen providing value to your audience at every point in the video, and every scene should flow logically into another.


Infographics have secured a prominent position in optimizing your online business content and in SEO. They have been considered the best visual methods of leveraging a graphic work to simplify complex messages.

Basically, infographics from the "information" and "graphics" refers to the use of graphics (images, logos, pictures, charts, flow diagrams, tables, etc) to represent complex information in a simplified form. Just like images, on infographic is worth a thousand words or more, but infographics differ from simply images in that they show some action, direction and emphasis on the most important points in the content.


I don't need to say much before you understand what screenshots are. We use them everyday on our smartphone devices and personal computers to capture important events or scenes that we want others to see, or we would like to view again in the future. Screenshots are always in image format and they are efficient ways to provide a more transparent and realistic view of your content. In other words, making a screenshot of your product showing how you use it makes your audience to understand better how they can also use it too.

Making a video, or editing an image or infograph can often be a very complicated task. With screenshots, you can easily produce image and video snippets for your audience, to give direction, to show a feature or functionality, or swiftly assist or inform your audience through a complicated process.

For instance, you can show a few step-by-step screenshots to guide your users through an online application. And of course, it is possible to convert your screenshots to better formats for better user experience. Note, SVG image formats are recommended.

Also, eye-catching screenshot showing great customers testimonials and reviews about your products provide an authentic perception of those that have used your products. This will encourage other people to try your products out too, thus improving/promoting your online business. Reviews also make your site more trustworthy and they you can also incorporate them into your slide presentations or infographics if need be.

You can also have screenshots with annotations to explain parts of your screenshots and make them easier to understand to your audience.

Others include;

  • Photos
  • Charts and graphs – data-driven visuals/data visualizations
  • Color typography
  • Animated gifs
  • Gif-ographics – a combination of infographics with animated gifs incorporated
  • Memes
  • Quotes on a graphic
  • Branded quotes – quotes on a graphic that include your logo and/or URL
  • Flip-books (online magazines)
  • Presentations (slide shares)
  • Calls-to-action
  • Ads
  • Interactive visuals such as 3D images, visual tours
  • Quizzes or puzzles
  • Cartoons or comics
  • Checklists or cheat sheets

Final words

Visual contents have been shown to improve user engagement on the internet, as much as it would also do in real time. Creating quality visual contents has been the major goal of many online businesses and it should be yours too. They can help to drive traffic to your site, convert lead to sales and boost your online business engagement.

You should also note the preferred image format emphasized in this article and how to convert your files to it. The secret to captivating your users attention and keeping them glued to your contents and products/services is to put their feelings into your content, knowing what they want and thinking in line with their own thoughts. This you can achieve by optimizing your file sizes and video lengths, and making every scene/slide or photo plate flow logically into another.

I hope this helps you. Thanks for reading.

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