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Things To Do To Make The Day Productive

Simple things at the beginning of the day goes a long way to make the day productive. Scientific research has shown that the body prepares for the day's stress by producing the hormone, cortisol, in high amounts. The highest concentration of cortisol is seen in the morning. This shows how important the morning is, to the rest of the day?
Cortisol is a stress hormone, that is, it prepares the body to withstand stress even way ahead of time. The most stressful periods of the day won't be the mornings. You can attest to that. Why then does the body produce such high amounts of cortisol in the mornings?

Why Cortisol Levels are High in the Morning

Normal cortisol level is between 10-20ug/dl in the morning, drops to 3-10ug/dl at 4pm and are less than 5ug/dl at bedtime.
You see how much the body produces the 'stress resistance' hormone at the outset of the day.
Different scientific explanations may have been postulated, ranging from the normal circadian rhythm of diurnal variations and negative feedback mechanisms. But one thing I want to pick from this phenomenon is that there seem to lie hidden wisdom in having to prepare early for the day. In other words, there is an advantage, a productive advantage for beginning the preparations for a given day's task as early as possible.

The Import of The Story

One effective way of making a productive day is starting it well. This means you have to be proactive from the start. It has been proven that going to an exam venue early affords some level of confidence.
Also going to work early confers an increased level of productivity. So to get most out of your day, you have to begin it well in which case the need to rush while doing your tasks is eliminated. The tendency to remain optimistic is near maximum and it is maintained throughout the whole day.

Things To Do

  • Waking up early, and avoiding the little sleep syndrome. 
  •  Start working or planning for the day without delay.
  • Going to your place of work or study early, even though you may not be required to start working early. Being there early gives you the inner feeling of awareness and confidence. 
  • Be proactive.
  • Be cheerful, and show it by smiling. You can also read my post on  the power and benefits of smiles)

Other Important Things to do in the Morning

Sources have indeed proven that the morning is indeed a good period to prepare your body for the whole day. These are other things that make the morning much more important.
  • Breakfast is the most important meal for the day: Whereas the debate for the most important meal spanned a while, it has now been accepted that breakfast is the most important meal for the day.
  • Early morning exercise is more refreshing and effective both in bodybuilding and weight control: If you have tried early morning jogging or marathon, you will realize that realize how effective it can be in weight control and fitness programs. 
  • Few people have confirmed that studying in very early hours of the morning enhances assimilation. But this has to be after a good night rest and before hunger pangs start appearing.
 Ironically, as important as the morning is, it also features one of the greatest distractions - sleep. Although not really a distraction per se, when you yield to its pressures it can rob you of your maximum productivity for the day. I think these can make the day productive.

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