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How To Startup A Professional Blog For Free

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Starting up a blog can be relatively easy but it often gets confusing especially when there is no one to guide you through. Blogging is not something I could just teach you and you just understand in one sitting. You actually begin to get better when you are already involved in.

I've met people who have asked me how I started my blog and I explained to them in the capacity that I could at that time. The only emphasis I make to them is that they must first discover the niche they are passionate about.

One of the topmost reason why people are interested in blogging is the cool cash they can make from it. Yes, you can make good money blogging but one important thing I tell new bloggers is to ensure that they first have to love writing to make people happy, fulfilled or for whichever purpose.
Making the desire for money secondary is important because it is what you actually need in times when the money is not forthcoming as you want it to. This is not to scare you from the enterprise because your reward would definitely await you if you continue.

Steps To Starting up a New Blog

I will use my own experiences and methods to show you how you can start up a new blog and earn money without having to spend all your fortune.
Here are the steps to starting up a new blog:

Select a Perfect Niche For Your Blog

Choosing a niche was quite hard for me. Not because it was really a hard thing to do but I didn't know this step existed before I created my first blog. I was just writing different things that come to mind until I learnt I had to narrow down to a niche or few related niches.

Some niches are entertainment, lifestyle, news, sports, etc. These further have sub-niches but you can decide if you want to major in everything or go down further. This depends on your interests, what you have some ideas on and the number of people on your team.

Choose a Blogging Platform

Choosing a blogging platform is also not difficult. There are many blog hosts you could choose from. The two popular hosts, Blogger and WordPress, are easy to start a blog with. Just visit their website and off you go.
WordPress features some advanced plugins that could help your blog grow really fast but it has the only disadvantage of requiring you to purchase a domain name from them at a cost relatively higher than a usual domain name before you have access to these features.

Blogger, on the other hand, gives you access to manage your template code without paying a dime, but it has the major disadvantage of not giving you cool advanced features that will make the whole job easier.

Choose a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is up to you but you should try to use something that can represent something your blog is about. It is not compulsory to use a related term as your domain name anymore. So, if your domain name ideas have already been chosen by other people, feel free to use any other one that is available.

These are the steps in Blogger:

  • Log in to

Blogger home

  • Then sign in with your Gmail account:

Sign in with Gmail

  • The next step, choose a domain name. Blogger will retain their '' subdomain after your chosen domain but you can remove it by buying a custom domain name:

Choose domain name

Choose a Blog Design or Install a Template

Blogger and WordPress blogs come with some pre-designed templates that you can choose and customise for your blog. But if you want more professionally-looking templates, you may have to download free themes or purchase from online theme stores. Thereafter, you install it on your blog. Blogger provides access to these custom functions even without registration of custom domain name but WordPress would ask you to register your domain name from them before you can have advanced access to your template designs.

Register a Custom Domain Name

With a web hosting account, you can use a custom domain for your blog and totally remove the .blogspot subdomain. However, this comes at a fee. I used a Nigerian based web hosting site called Qservers. It is relatively cheap and customer-friendly. Others are GodaddyNamecheapGoogle Domains is another good option but it may be slightly more expensive.

You can use the default domain with the subdomain attached if you cannot purchase a custom domain at that time. In this case, you would have for example for Blogger or if you are using WordPress platform.
After this, you have to link your custom domain to your blogger blog or any platform you are using.

Write Your First Blog Post

Now your journey is just about to begin. You can start your first post even before you register a custom domain name. However, you will soon realize that blogging is not only about writing some jargons that makes sense to you or a few people. You would soon realise that there is a terminology called Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and promotion.

Promote Your Blog

Use social media and other platforms to promote your blog reach and gain traffic to your blog. Creating good quality content is very important to achieve user satisfaction but one thing you will also find out is that you actually get better as you go on.

Monetize Your Blog

After doing all of the above, don't you think it is time to start making some cool money from your blog? Adsense monetization is the most popular means of making money through a blog. Blogger allows you to apply for AdSense if your new blog has existed for 30 days or more.

The approval process usually depends on the following factors:

Average traffic to your site:

There is really no definite amount of traffic before your blog will be approved for AdSense. However, a minimum target of 500-1000 per month is not too much to work for. Lower traffic results in lower earnings, so there will practically be a need to wait for more stability before applying for Adsense.
Getting Adsense approval can be a source of motivation to keep blogging. Therefore, I am not discouraging you from pursuing your Adsense as fast as possible.

Submission of your site to search console:

Submitting your site to Google Search Console(GSC) will ensure that your site is indexed and registered on the Google search database. This will ensure more viability of your blog in search engines and thus increases your chances of getting approved for Adsense.

Submission of a sitemap:

Create and submit your sitemap in GSC. Blogger automatically creates your sitemap immediately you create a new post as stores it in the URL: [where "domain" is your own domain name, and may be replaced by .com only if you have registered for a custom domain]. Follow this guide on how to submit a sitemap for your blog.

The number of quality articles indexed by Google:

Write quality posts greater than 600 words. Longer posts stand a better chance of getting indexed by GSC. Ensure that your robot.txt file is not blocking any important page(s) on your blog. This will prevent crawlers from crawling your page and prevent indexing.

Other ways of monetizing your blog are through displaying custom ads, affiliate marketing, etc. Getting the right amount of traffic applies to all the monetization methods above.

Keep Promoting and Improving

It is a never-ending process, you just keep writing and getting better. Keep promoting and improving your blog on a regular basis. Now that you have been approved for monetization, it's time to make more money.
At this point, you will need to focus greatly on your SEO and understand the basic components of SEO.

I hope this helps you through the steps of starting up a professional blog easily? This post is also useful to new bloggers who want to start up a blog as a way of earning money or overcoming boredom in this coronavirus pandemic as part of the 10 things you can do from home to earn money.

Prosper Yole

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