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Pros and Cons of Marrying an Older Woman

Marrying an older woman, source: Pixabay

There is yet no universally accepted age difference between a man and a woman who want to get married, but there has been an observation that has gained universal approval over the years. Whether or not the man should be younger or older is subject to different interpretations across different cultures. However, in most climes, the man is always older than the woman for some obvious reasons that you will find soon out in this post.
I know you will agree with me that the man should be emotionally mature enough to head the woman, especially if you are also from areas where male dominance is the norm.

Talking of male dominance and the opposing notion of feminism, the males are naturally better equipped to lead the women than the reverse order. But this is a discussion topic for another day.

I talked with one of my female friends very recently about how possible it could be for close age-mates to settle together in matrimony and her response was in the negative. She personally even declared her thoughts that there is no way she could even settle down with a man who is almost the same age as her. But why do you think she had to stand by this?

In the African setting, marriage has been commonly seen between two people with very wide age gaps. Very rarely, marriage has also occurred between an older woman and a younger man.

Normally, it is expected that the man should be older, more mature and responsible enough to house a wife before she gets one. But in scenarios where the older partner is the woman, could there be any possible advantages and/or shortcomings? We shall explore them together here.

One trivial reason why marrying a younger woman has been popularised among some group of people in the world today. This reason is based on the rapid physical changes that a woman undergoes in the course of her ageing years. It has been noted that a woman undergoes some drastic changes in her looks as she sets out into adulthood, such that she would look considerably older than a man who shares the same exact age with her.

Pros of Marrying an Older Woman

When you marry an older woman, and she truly loves you, there are some things you would benefit from the union. She may have learnt a lot from life and she would not be totally relying on your teachings to know some basic things. Below are some of the pros of marrying an older woman, that is, when the man is younger.

  • She is more mature and homely
  • An older woman obviously knows more than her younger counterpart and would possess more homely characters. She is more mature and understands life better. In some instances, she would treat the husband as a son, in the manner with which she takes care of him but she also understands that she needs to remain submissive to him by virtue of the wisdom she may have gathered over the years.

  • She may be more self-sustaining
  • Although this is as well not a constant factor amongst older women, she may have established her self so well that she can practically take care of herself.
    In the western world, much older women who have amassed some wealth only need a younger and more active person who they think would satisfy them better in bed or other related activities. This can be considered a pro, although not an absolute one. It is not an absolute reason because the man is expected to be capable of providing for his family including his wife and not the other way round.

  • Understands life really well
  • This is like an off-shoot of the first point above. Her experiences through life have shapen her to see things differently from the other younger women out there. She understands better, she understands your needs and directly relates to some of the challenges you may encounter. Whereas a younger woman would choose to believe that life should be a bed of roses, the older one understands that by supporting her husband, they achieve more and scale higher heights that way.

Cons of Marrying an Older Woman

Whatever have advantages surely have disadvantages and vice-versa. I know when you talk about marrying an older woman, what first comes to your mind are the disadvantages or the cons. Many people agree that it should not be that way, that a man marries a woman older than her. But now that you have seen the pros(advantages), let us see some of the disadvantages(cons) too.

  • She may be non-submissive
  • The fact that she is older may also make her see as self as superior as in which case she becomes non-submissive. This may become a big challenge especially if the man is not ready to let that happen.
    She may look way older

    For the singular reason that women age faster than women, the further age difference would make her look considerably older. In addition, post-menopausal women (women after the age of menopause, 45-50 years) may show some changes that include bone and skin changes that make them feel and look significantly different from how it was at a much earlier age. These changes are mainly due to lowered levels of the female hormones, Oestrogen and Progesterone.

  • Understands life more than the man
  • This would have been considered an advantage only that the man needs to be more mature emotionally. In many cases of these marriages, the older woman may have mastered subjecting her experiences and knowledge to remain under the guidance of her younger husband.

Age is not a hardwired factor for marriage. In other words, it is not a rule that cannot be overruled but it still determines so many things as far as marriage is concerned. When two people agree to be together, their commitment is what they actually need. Even when the union is not endorsed by any other person, as far as they love each other, they are good to go.

Women generally prefer to marry a man who is older than them because they think he would know enough to understand how to handle the issues of the home and also understand her when she behaves in certain ways. Hence, this type of marriage between an older man and a younger woman is generally preferred. Other than for this reason, which other valid reasons exist to say that you cannot marry a younger woman?

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