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How To Create A Working PayPal Nigeria Account [2021]

PayPal is a US-based online payment platform that operates as an intermediary for sending and receiving payments from international transactions between many countries. Paypal is available in more than 200 countries or region and currently support 25 currencies. 

Aside from the United States, some countries supported include Canada, United Kingdom, Russia, Spain, India, etc. African countries supported include South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, Lesotho, etc. PayPal Nigeria is supported to a limited extent, such that creating a normal PayPal Nigeria account normally is not possible. Also, with a normal PayPal Nigeria account, you can only send money to other PayPal users but will not be able to receive money from them.

So this tweak here would help you create a working PayPal Nigeria account you can use to send and receive money.

According to some unverified source, PayPal blacklisted Nigeria and some other African countries due to a high number of credit card fraud from these countries in 2014. Although this information has not been fully verified, an alternative explanation could be that PayPal does not have a well-established means of verifying users from Nigeria. So have to restrict users from those countries from receiving funds from other countries because their identity could not be verified.

For whatever reason, this ban on PayPal Nigeria is something I'd describe as racist, an act of gross bias against Nigeria and some other African countries affected. There is hardly any country in the world for which you can attest that the fraud rate is zero. So why marginalize Nigeria so badly for many years without considering a way of reverting things back to normal?

Well! PayPal is indispensable. Most other alternatives to PayPal do not match up to some of PayPal's advantages. Therefore, Nigerians are still going to attempt to find a way out of this mess that PayPal put them into.

Why PayPal?

Advantages/Benefits Of Using PayPal

PayPal Nigeria has got alternatives, some of which I will talk about later. Western Union is another international payment platform that is available to Nigerians and other African countries. However, common challenges with Western Union, some of which are common to other online payment platforms may limit the use of this platform.

When I said PayPal is indispensable, what did I really mean? Here are some advantages of PayPal that makes PayPal so indispensable and the stress of getting a PayPal Nigeria account totally worth it.

Secure transactions

Transactions on PayPal are secure, you don't get to give out your credit card details to merchants websites. PayPal takes care of that for you once you link your card to the platform. And sending money directly to another PayPal user is like doing a transfer to their bank account, only that in this case, the bank is PayPal.

Because the identity of most users is verified, transactions are usually secured. There exist subtle differences in how PayPal operates in different parts of the world. PayPal has the most robust service system and security in the United States version of the platform. Every country has their own versions and this will be exploited later, while we try to create a PayPal Nigeria account for sending and receiving payments.

Wide coverage and client-base

This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Early this year, I had a transaction deal with one of my US-based clients who was going to pay me when I have done my part of the business deal. The first thing my client told me was that I should create an invoice. So, I headed down to my Nigerian PayPal account to find where I can create an invoice. It was not found, so I ruled out that PayPal does not have the option of creating an invoice for transactions. It was also at this point I realized that there is an option for receiving payments via my Nigerian PayPal account.

I headed down to create the invoice using another third-party app, with my PayPal email as the recipient. And then, the story goes on.

The major issue I encountered was that my client was only comfortable with PayPal, it was more convenient for them, easier and more secure. This wide coverage and client base mean that more than 85% of people you would be doing international transactions with will offer to pay via PayPal. So why should you not have a functional PayPal Nigeria account?

Easy operation

Let me not overstress this any further. PayPal is easy to operate, it's simple, straightforward links that take you where exactly you want to be. Sending and receiving money is just a few clicks away. Even purchasing goods via the platform makes online shopping much more interesting.

Flexible debit/credit card support

PayPal supports different kind of credit/debit cards - Mastercard, VISA, and can also directly link to your US Bank account if you have one.

In my frustration, I did a lot of things to receive my money but to no avail. From my experience, below are some things you should not try to do to bypass the restriction. After this section, I will show you how I created a Nigerian PayPal account I can now use to send and receive money internationally.

At first, I followed some online tutorials on how to create a working PayPal account. I tried to get a US phone number with OTP, and some other things. But it was from one problem to the other. After discovering this method from careful research and experimentation, I have put down the steps on getting your fully working PayPal account here.

What you should not do

Don't try to open a US account while in Nigeria. You will not be able to verify your identity. This may make you want to create fake documents online so that you can verify your account and move on. Your account may be blocked in the process and all funds in your account permanently lost.

Getting an international phone number can be difficult. I downloaded the Numero App from my mobile store and the app worked fine for this purpose. But you won't be needing a foreign phone number for this. Your Nigerian phone number is sufficient.

PayPal usually has two account types at opening; the personal account and the business account. The method I am going to show you works for the business account type and not for the personal account.

Let's get started on how to get your PayPal Nigeria up and running.

How To Create A Working PayPal Nigeria Account

  • Requirements
  • Steps to create a working PayPal Nigeria Account
  • Moving ahead


To create a fully working PayPal Nigeria account, you need the following:

  1. An active Nigerian phone number from any service provider (I used MTN; Airtel and Glo may sometimes have issues receiving OTP from PayPal but you can go ahead to give it a try).
  2. Your full name as it appears on any of your recognised National ID cards.
  3. An active email address (You should not have used this for another PayPal account already).
  4. A browser on your computer or phone. I used Google Chrome on my android device to register mine. Yandex browser and Firefox are other good alternatives.

I can bet you already have these already, don't you? Now let's head on to the process proper. 
If you are using a mobile browser, remember to enable "desktop mode" on the PayPal registration tab that you opened.

Steps to Create a Working PayPal Nigeria Account

1. Registration

  • Use this link to visit the PayPal website with your Google Chrome browser, then enable Desktop Mode. That link directs to the PayPal Lesotho homepage (you need another African country that has full access), as the PayPal Nigeria homepage is limited and would not work as expected.

  • Click on Sign up for Free

  • On the next page, select Business Account and click Continue. Please, don't select Personal Account.

  • On the next page, you will be asked to fill in your email. Type in a valid email you have not used for registering before. Otherwise, create a new email address via Gmail, Yahoomail, or any other.

  • Next, enter your desired password (follow the instructions there).

  • On the next page, fill in your business details. Enter your valid personal and business details. If your business or website does not have a registered business name, coin a new name for this purpose as demonstrated below. (Don't worry, verification will not be required for business name later)

  • Scroll down the section for 'Business phone number'. Put in your Nigerian phone number as your business phone number. But before this, click on the Lesotho flag to change it to the Nigerian flag.

  • Still on the business phone number section, type in your valid Nigerian phone number in the field just beside the flag.

  • In the postal code input field, just use 00234 or use your specific postal code for your state if you know it.

  • Next, leave your primary currency as 'US Dollar' and tick the checkbox below to agree to the User Agreement and Privacy Statement.

  • Then, click the Agree and Submit button.

  • After this step, continue by filling the next form that opens up. This form asks you to describe your business. Type in your business type (sole-proprietorship, partnership, or any other), select the category that best matches your business. If none, exist, just select "Miscellaneous General Merchandise" from the dropdown list. Lastly, type in your website URL into the website field if you have one. This is optional.

  • On clicking continue, fill in your personal details on the next page. 

  • Input your date of birth, nationality (Nigeria, in this case), then select the type of Identity document you want to use.
  • If you have your NIN, select National ID and input your 11-digit national identification number in the box the will pop up below.

  • Select the checkbox under residential address to use the same address you previously used for your business as your personal home address.
  • Finally, click on Submit to complete the registration

  • Clicking submit will take you to the login page and an email will be sent to the email address you provided. Open the email, click on the link to confirm your email and go ahead to login into your account.
  • Congratulations! You now have a fully working PayPal Nigeria account that you can use to send and receive money, and to shop online.

2. Logging in

Your login username will be the email you used in signing up. To log in to your PayPal Nigeria account, use the email and password you provided earlier. 

Moving Ahead

Here are some extras you will be required to know, in order to fully maximize the functionalities of your PayPal Nigeria account

Securing your account

To secure your account after logging in, navigate to the settings menu. Then, click on Your Profile. Then update your login and security information.

Adding debit/credit cards and withdrawing funds

To link a card, go to payments. Then click on 'Link a new card'. Type in your Nigerian ATM card details, then click on 'Link Card'. Note, to be able to withdraw your money, you need a debit/credit card that is supported by PayPal Nigeria. 
Flutterwave Bartercard is not supported by PayPal Nigeria. Some Nigerian banks VISA cards are not supported. However, the UBA AfriCard is supported and can enable you to withdraw your PayPal funds into your local bank account.

Funding your Paypal wallet

Funding your Paypal wallet is not difficult. You can still use your PayPal linked to your debit card to pay for goods online without funding your Paypal wallet directly. PayPal can route the transaction to debit the money from your card directly.

The easiest way to fund your wallet is when another user sends you money. Simply ask a friend to send the funds to your account either for free or in exchange for cash.

You can also fund your wallet from your linked debit card.
You can also buy PayPal funds from online exchanges in Nigeria that offer at varying rates. This method is the least recommended.

Alternatives To PayPal

Other alternatives to PayPal include;
  1. Payoneer
  2. Western Union
  3. Skrill
  4. Bank Wire
  5. 2checkout
  6. Transferwise
PayPal is, however, the most popularly used. I hope you were able to get your account started through this guide. If there is any more information you want me to provide, or you are not clear with some points, drop it in the comments below.
If you want me to write about another related topic, send me an email or drop it in the comments below. Thank you.

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