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The Greatest Precaution To Take To Be In Charge Of Your Life

To be in charge is synonymous to being in control. To be in charge of your life is supposed to be an easy thing, after all, you are dealing with your own self. Do you think it is that easy to control your life as much as you want to? You will soon find out.
Perhaps, you are not totally interested in taking charge of your life. You have better things to take charge of? You want to control other people or other things? 
Whatever the case, it all traces back to controlling your self.

The primary thing everyone should learn to control is not people or other things as the case oftentimes is, but it's themselves. You are more successful, more productive, and better of when you are able to control yourself. So just in case you do not have any intentions to control yourself or you have given up on yourself to the extent that you have resorted to fate or 'whatever comes', you need to understand that there is great need to be in charge of your life now.
It is known fact that there are some aspects of your life that you may not be able to control but the controllable aspects include your emotions, lifestyle, addictions, and a few actions and reactions.

Because of how difficult it can be to control oneself, I have always considered preventing letting certain things from entering into your life, over struggling to remove them. This is what I would call the greatest precaution paraphrased in my slogan "I don't begin what I cannot control". This goes for habits and behaviours that may not be for the best outcomes.
Amongst others, follow me as we explore the greatest precaution to take charge of your life in more depths. But just before we do that, lets quickly talk about how it feels like to not be in charge of your life.

Signs That You Are Not In Control Of Your Life

When you are not in control of your life, there are signs that can tell it. The list below is not exhaustive;

  • You are easily provoked to anger
  • You spend uncontrollably when you have money at hand
  • You are easily manipulated by pressure, enticement or persuasion
  • You have many undesirable addictions
  • You are afraid of a possible negative outcome of things

From the list above, you will agree that there is hardly anyone who is free from them all. This may mean one of two things; one is that these things can be seen in anyone but that they should be in regulated degrees or amounts, and second is that no single individual has been able to gain full mastery of themselves yet.
Whatever the case is, our main aim in this post is to walk you through the steps of gaining or regaining control over yourself. And we hope that this knowledge is able to help you overcome your fears, worries and addictions as the case may be.

I'd like to share with you some ways to take charge of your life but let me first talk about what brought you here in the first place.

The Greatest Precaution - I Don't Begin What I Cannot Control

One of the universal principles that remain at the core of optimization is that which emphasizes on weighing the risks before beginning every new task. Most of life's activities follow a progressive path. Once you begin something and you consider it good, you naturally see yourself doing it more and better and vice-versa. This itself is a wonderful thing because it should make life easy. It actually makes life easy except that it comes with a major setback. Most of life's 'good choices' are not the most pleasant.

In other words, most of the things people consider as favourable and pleasant may not be the best choices but just because they derive some momentary pleasure, they would mark them as good. And then, it follows the normal progressive path.
One of the questions you must ask yourself before you begin any new activity is "can I control the progress of what I am about to do?" and thereafter, you should ask "will it have more positive outcomes than negative?". These two questions will help you make a better choice and take charge of your life.

A wise man once told himself that he would not take a sip from the glass of beer or a puff from the cigar if he cannot control how much more he would take thereafter. And truly, no one has ever taken the first bite without trying again.
Summarily, you must recognise that the first step to self-mastery is understanding what you can and cannot control. And if it will be too risky to try out yourself, there are dozens of other people's experiences that should guide you.

There are tons of things that can become obsessive and take your energy of control away.
Although it is beyond the scope of this post to give a list of such things, there is one thing they all have in common. They just make you crave for more almost immediately you stop. This is what some authority would otherwise call withdrawal symptoms.

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