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Top Relationship Goals For Every Perfect Couple

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Goals are not important for only business, or career, or education, etc. They are also expected for relationships. At every stage of a relationship, relationship goals will always be required. 

Relationship goals have become a trending Twitter hashtag that just won't go away so easily. When the hashtag is used, it oftentimes refers to a lovely picture depicting some sweet action, gesture, or activity between a couple that people would want to see in their relationship too. 

On searching for the hashtag #relationship, I stumbled upon a Twitter image of a plastic-moulded squirrel holding tightly to an acorn, then the tweeter captioned it, 'I want to find someone who loves me as much as that squirrel loves that acorn. #relationshipgoals';

Pictures of relationships goals are not only very romantic to the public viewers but the act itself helps to further strengthen the union between the couple. Relationship goals are very important for every relationship, thus, it becomes important that you set some for your relationship with your partner as well.

When couples display their love for each other publicly, it not only means that they are committed to their happiness with each other, it also helps them to strengthen their union even more. And even more amusingly, it creates a new relationship goal for those who need as many relationship goals as possible.

In the context of this post, I will categorize these relationship goals, for sake of simplicity, into the following categories;
  1. Relationship goals for mutual affection
  2. Relationship goals for unity and togetherness
  3. Family goals
  4. Romance goals
  5. Relationship goals for personal development

Relationship Goals For Mutual Affection

These are relationship goals that help to express or enhance the expression of love between the partners or couples. They include the following;
  • For better, for worse
  • Handle with care
  • Together forever, no middle man
  • Safe haven

For Better, For Worse

It's everyone's relationship goal to have a partner that would stay with them through thick and thin. Relationship stories that have to do with a couple staying through for each other in times of crises, or challenges especially sound so sweet in the ears of anyone who hears them, but this is one very important relationship goal because it is a demonstration of true love and affection and not necessarily interests in only the good side of your partner.

Handle With Care

Have you ever come across a couple who portray on a picture that they cherish each other and handle each other with extreme care? You may have, haven't you? Other times, How will see a couple say to each other, 'I have your heart and it's safe with me'. Relationship goal #2 is to have someone who would love and cherish you without mishandling you in any way.

Together Forever, No Middle Man

Middlemen can be in any form, shapes and sizes, trust me. It could be a member of your family who tries to impose decisions in any of the couples, even against the other's desire. It could be another woman pursuing a wife's husband or the other way round. But one common relationship goal you'd find out there is a union for which no outsider poses a threat. The relationship goal is to have someone you can trust so much that you are not worried anybody is going to stand on the way.

Safe Haven

There is turmoil out there but when I am with you, I feel safe and secure. I know I am safe with you and I believe it so, because times without number, you have shown me exactly that. This is one sweet relationship goal to have for your relationship, usually depicted by a man holding his wife in his bosom.

Relationship Goals For Unity and Togetherness

These relationship goals show how united the couple are:
  • Two love birds
  • Personal Assistant
  • All-round honesty
  • I'm all yours
  • One language, the code is clear
  • I'm in your head
  • Unbroken communication
  • A fight of love
  • Laugh out loud
  • Partner in crime
  • number one priority

Two Love Birds

Talk of relationship goals, don't mention the two love birds that are always together, eat, drink, do everything together, and you have missed it altogether. This is one important relationship goal for every couple, to always be seen together and doing things together. This relationship goal, as well as the others, does not just appeal to the eyes of the public when displayed on pictures but it also fosters unity and love amongst the couple.

Personal Assistant

I crave for a partner who'd be my assistant. This relationship goal involves having someone who will assist you in ensuring you meet up with your schedules, plans and appointments. Keeping to time and remembering some plans, especially when they are not written down manually or electronically, can be difficult. The relationship goal here is to have a partner or make your partner be your best personal assistant ever, even smarter than Google and Siri.

All-round Honesty

Relationship goal alert! This one is a must-have. Honesty is very important for every relationship, but very few relationships have it in the right proportion. I want someone who would be honest in every way, but this relationship goal, just like others, should begin with yourself. Are you honest with your partner? Make it your relationship goal of the month, the decade and forever.

I'm All Yours

What can be sweeter and more romantic than a couple depicting on Instagram that they belong fully to each other? Yes, social media is less important than the real-life stuff but it also goes a long way too. It should be your relationship goal that you make your union such that you have absolutely no restrictions and reservations for each other, except on a mutual compromise and understanding.

One Language, The Code Is Clear

One major relationship goal is for the couple to have a special language, coded specially for themselves. That is to say, if they are going to hide something from someone else, they know which language to use. It may be by use of signs, or gestures or even without saying or doing anything but they understand each other and would act accordingly. The importance of this relationship goal cannot be overemphasized, because it strengthens the union between the couple.

I'm In Your Head

I know exactly what my husband would do in this case. Much like the relationship goal above, this relationship goal describes a strong understanding between the couple such that the partners know exactly what the other would say or do at such times, even when they are not physically present at that time. Sometimes, they could even have conversations in their head. Sounds like mere fantasies, but it happens. Trust me.

Unbroken Communication

Effective communication is based more on listening than in speaking. #Relationship goals: I want someone who would listen to me, give me the required attention no matter how much they have listened to already. In a couple's relationship, the husband is expected to be more for the listening role than the wife, but that is not to say that the wife should not listen too. Attain this relationship goal within your first few months of marriage and you are guaranteed to have a very smooth ride through life, if and only if, you do not give up on listening and effective communication.

A Fight of Love

You noticed I am using specially curated, sweet captions, didn't you? What I mean here by a fight of love refer to the relationship goal where you have your inevitable fights but only to come back together stronger as though nothing happened. Conflicts are bound to come, but achieving this relationship goal means that you can manage those conflicts in the very best way possible.

Laugh Out Loud

Having great laughs does more than just make the face look cheerful. It helps the mind and has benefits to the heart, brain and memory. However, the most couple would simply focus more on the challenges of the family and let them overwhelm their joy and happiness. In this regard, one important relationship goal is to be happy with your partner and laugh out loud when you are with them.

Partner in Crime

Holy criminals without no offence, but are always guilty of conspiring against no one together. It is a great relationship goal to have your partner become your gist partner, to discuss things, ideas and topics together. It shouldn't get so boring with your partner, should it? However, if you are still a mute type with your partner, make it your relationship goal to facilitate discussions and conversations with your partner.

Number One Priority 

Much like the relationship goal of "no middle man" above, your partner should always remain your topmost priority, higher than every other family relative you've got there. Trouble looms if you place someone else before them for any reason, thus, this becomes a very important relationship goal to check off as soon as possible.

Family Goals

These goals facilitate family union and relationship with every member of the family; 
  • One big family
  • Unified in financial matters
  • My one true forecaster
  • my baby, my jewel
  • Besties for life
  • Team "Us"

One Big Family

Family goals are one of the sweetest relationship goals. As much as you want you and your partner to love up together, you don't want your family to be left out. Pictures of one big family would include the father, mother, children, grandparents and a few cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles. This reflects how united the entire family is and is a must-have relationship goal.

Unified in Financial Matters

Managing finances is another major duties of the couple because it determines a lot of things. Having a common financial goal and helping each other to achieve it is a relationship goal that you must check as done by the end the year if at all you've not yet achieved it.

My One True Forecaster

BBC Weather is out there doing their weather forecast but you already have your forecaster by your side. Everyone wants a partner who would help them analyze the outcomes of some of their major decisions. This is a very important relationship goal because two heads are better than one. 

My Baby, My Jewel

Children are one important result of any romantic relationship or marriage. Relationship goal nĂºmero indefinido, take a picture of you and your partner while your rock the baby bump together; or recreate the scene with your lovely beautiful child(ren). 

Besties For Life

The best couples are those that are their own best friends. In the whole wide world, your best friend is your best friend indeed. Becoming your partner's bestie and been able to show it publicly is one relationship goal you must seriously plan to check out of the checklist. 

Team "Us"

Togetherness is a function of been united, but sometimes, you need to make it a little special by showing that you are united against everyone else. Not for rivalry, but this relationship further strengthens the bond that bonds you together as a family. 

Romance Goals

Romance goals keep the love bubbling and they are great relationship goals to covet. 
  • Date night routine
  • Romance upgrade v3.5
  • Adventurous duo
  • Life's full of surprises
  • Flirting sustainability
  • Turn off the bedroom lights
  • Recreate the scene

Date Night Routine

Every couple doesn't want to ever forget the sweet moments they experienced while they were dating, having to spend parts of the night outside with someone you love could be fun. But soon after marriage, engagement or whatever, the fire for date nights starts quelling gradually. The relationship goal here is to have date nights on a weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly routine basis. Is that too much to work for? 

Romance Upgrade v3.5

Come on, give it to me right here. If you are going to get stuck in some old-fashioned love-making, you are missing out a lot. One important relationship goal is to be able to upgrade your romance for your partner. You should be able to try new romance stuff together. 

Adventurous Duo

Life is an adventure, and adventures are fun. They are because adventures leave you with no clue what you'd see next. Now imagine yourself on an adventure trip with the love of your life. Great fun, right? It's a goal! 

Life's Full of Surprises

Much like adventures, it is an important relationship goal to want to be occasionally surprised by your partner. Surprise gifts or packages are valued more than non-surprises. 
Since you want your partner to keep surprising you, make it your relationship goal to surprise them too. 

Flirting Sustainability

Hey! Come on, I especially love this point. The most couple often finds that their partners do not flirt with them as they have always done before they became so committed to each other. Sometimes, the husband even flirts more with women outside the home than with their committed partner. Whereas this should not be the case, the relationship goal here is to sustain the fire of flirting (via touches, gestures, speech, looks, etc) for your partner as much as possible, and vice versa. 

Turn Off The Bedroom Lights

A night of great sex is not only pleasurable, but it is also therapeutic. One of the foremost relationship goals is to be available to satisfy your partner's sexual desires. You should be always available to turn off the bedroom lights and try great and exciting new sex positions, sex acts and so on. After all, your partner deserves joy and happiness. 

Recreate The Scene

Recreating scenes by other people is a fun-filled activity. This moment, you see a couple being all lovey-dovey with each other and you tell yourselves, we are gonna reproduce just that. Many pictures of couples reproducing scenes from other couples abound on the internet, and it is a great relationship goal for the fun. 

Relationship Goals For Personal Improvement

Finding a partner in marriage or dating offers you a rare opportunity to become a better version of yourself. It's important to state that someone who loves you would accept you and your flaws but that's not entirely true. They will also make efforts to make a better person out of you. Here are some relationship goals for personal development:
  • My tutor
  • My biggest motivation
  • Long-term sustainable development goal (SDG)

My Tutor

Finding a partner that teaches you things you don't know is indeed a goal. At certain points, you'd have questions about certain concepts but when you and your partner have answers to some of those questions, you satisfy the relationship goal of being a personal tutor to them. 

My Biggest Motivation

It's no small thing to have someone who believes in you and encourages you to take up great feats. Motivation comes in different ways and from different people but when it comes from someone you truly love, it hits differently, trust me. 
One must-have relationship goal is to have a partner or be a partner that is a big source of motivation. 

Long-term Sustainable Development Goal(SDG)

When you hear of SDG, what comes to your mind? Sustainable development goals are goals that are geared towards making the future better for us and the newer generations. In other words, they are long-term goals.
You also want a partner who is available to put heads together with you to plan for the future. It's a great relationship goal to have a partner that make these plans with you. What do you think about that? 

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