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Developing your Confidence and Bravery

In many various ways, you are required to display confidence and bravery. And these are a few things to know in developing your confidence and to be able to handle certain things around you.

Some of the most fascinating attributes of the lion include courage and bravery. Though it is neither the biggest animal nor the fastest nor the strongest, it has been able to retain its position as the king of the jungle.

What is Confidence and Bravery about

Well, you may have encountered these two terms in one way or another. For example, you may recall being told about the importance of self-confidence for an exam or stage act. In these cases, you are been told to trust in yourself and your capabilities.
The term confidence differs both in concept and context from bravery, which in itself refers to the ability to face a threat without letting out fear and its crippling effects. Whereas in confidence your abilities are emphasized, in bravery, the threat is the emphasis. 

Is The Lion Brave or Confident?

Since we have set the lion as the standard for discussion at the beginning of this post, it will be fair to analyse the lion carefully. We just established the difference between confidence and bravery in the section above. And to answer the question if the lion is brave or confident, we will have to refer to that. 
The lion is not the strongest or fastest; these are abilities. The lion is not the biggest or heaviest; these are attributes. But the lion is brave. True, it may have features that confer strength and authority on it but the singular thing that makes it stand out is the bravery that it possesses. That's why you see it approach any other beast without displaying fear no matter how strong the other beast is.

What You Need to be Confident and Brave

First, let us start with confidence. When you want to attempt an exam or perform on stage, it is always best and recommended that you get prepared. Preparation entails the acquisition of knowledge around what you are setting out for, constant practising and internalisation of your discoveries, then building up your morale. The last entity 'building up your morale' is what we refer to as confidence. Here, you prepare your mind to evade fear and make it believe that you have all it takes.
For bravery, you just need to develop the personality of bravery even in the presence of insufficient abilities. Most times, this personality is achieved by constantly reassuring yourself that you are brave. It is further reinforced when you take small steps into fearful ventures. Let me save the time by dropping the points:

  • You need preparation to boost your confidence
  • Practice is a constant component of preparation
  • For bravery, you don't need all the abilities in the world
  • Always reassure yourself that you are brave
  • By venturing into a bravery-requiring task once, you earn a level higher in bravery

The Importance of Preparation and Practice

Some of the world's greatest people share one secret in common. They spend time when no one is watching on themselves to develop their skills. As a student, I noticed that if you do not continually study you become unnecessarily afraid to provide answers to certain questions. The answer may be right on your lips but you are afraid to say it out. Preparation builds up your confidence and they can never be separated from each other.

Most of Life's Events require Bravery

Imagine having to set up a new business just after graduation from school. You do not have any previous experience on how to start up and run a business. You may have acquired a degree on business management or read powerful books about the subject but starting up and establishing a business will always involve the risks that you oftentimes cannot avoid. In this scenario, the next thing you need is the right amount of bravery to jump right into that business after you may have weighed the risks and gains.
In most practical activities if not all, your bravery is most required. You are confident it can go through but you have to be brave enough to face them.

Bravery Begets Bravery Until It's a part of You

Bravery is the quality of resisting threat or fear by recognizing the inner strength within you to overcome any challenge that may seem insurmountable before you. The only way to become brave is by being brave. You tell yourself to become brave and you keep reassuring yourself. With time the things that once moved you to fear becomes insignificant and you are more prepared to face risks and threats and to emerge victoriously.

There was a certain young man who went to the wild in search of game. He would always go with his hunting gun loaded and ready to launch at the sight of a worthy prey. So all the animals began to take extra measures to escape being killed by his dangerous weapon of mass destruction. 
But ironically, this young man would run speedily out the forest each time he encounters some signs of danger in there. Sometimes, he may just have luckily bagged a single game. Other more frequent times, he caught nothing. 
What usually drives him out, no one can say but this last case involved a snake. He had pulled the trigger against the direction of his newly found meat when a brown snake suddenly jumped out of the nearby bush. He reflexly joined the jump but in the opposite direction to the snake. Then, he was on the route back home. 

From the above, you wouldn't really blame him for reflexly jumping or running. But it requires bravery to be still and face the threat that is just before you.

Life Tests Your Bravery

I guess bravery is important for living as life would test what you are made of. Strength is a vital quality but it is only a product of bravery. Conditions of life push or pull you so that the only thing needed to resist fear is a resilient spirit.
No one celebrates a victory without a fight. You cannot actually claim that you have strength until you are faced with a fight.  You are confirmed strong when you overcome the fight and that's what exactly bravery help you do. It helps you enter in the first place then gives you the ability to access your strength.
The many obstacles in life only come to make you stronger. And the only way strength can be realised is by facing your fears and standing in resilience. When you come out victoriously, then are you certified brave.

Developing Your Confidence and Bravery

Each day comes with it a new challenge similar to what you encounter when you pass into a new class. Bravery is not acquired as a one-off ability, that is to say, that you continually develop it. Newer situations that may look more challenging than the former ones will always show up but the same thing is needed to overcome them. Just be brave and face them as they come. Humans should top the list of the world's bravest creatures but unfortunately, it appears that our higher level of intelligence also features a greater susceptibility to fear. Imagine the following  scenarios:

1. You are in a large poorly-lit hall alone and fear creeps in whereas the small hummingbird can navigate vast empty skies with no other bird within view.

2. You walk through a place with noisily large heavy machines and even some adults get scared. But a small rat can explore an abandoned truck, with volumes many times greater than its largest dimension.

3. The hungry mosquito in search of its blood meal can get so close to a sleeping man even at very close distances within the reach of the man's destructive slaps.

What Does Fear Do?

If you ever thought fear can save you, you are entirely wrong. There is a hypothesis that seeks to explain the role of hormones and neuroendocrine factors like adrenaline (epinephrine) in managing threatful conditions. It may be true that adrenaline can help you surmount difficult tasks like scaling a wall when attacked by a dog. However, the same individual may not be able to handle the surge of adrenaline when a lion attacks. The difference in the two conditions is that fear was allowed to dominate in the later.
The effect of fear in making you alert becomes paradoxical when you allow fear to dominate.

Phobia for Everything

We have developed a phobia for everything as a way of describing them or at least identifying them. Humans fear everything and there is, in fact, nothing that does not have a term to describe the fear for it.
Claustrophobia means the fear of being enclosed in a small space and not being able to get out. This I have experienced too. I thought I was going to die there even though I still had access to the air I breathed. My entire body was as intact as it could be but why exactly was I afraid? Anyway, I was but a child.
From fear of water, to fear of food, to fear of machines, we have given ourselves up to too many fears and I think it is possible to overcome them.

How I Proved that Fear is Unnecessary

The next time I was confined, I was already a young man. I simply preserved my strength, found a good position to breathe and imagined that I wasn't confined. I remained still to the point the person outside became worried and thought that I could be dead or dying. But that wasn't the case. I had only given myself a reason to be still and to give away unnecessary fears.
Another advantage you get when you calmly face your fears is the freedom to think of a possible solution to the problem at hand. If there was an oppressor out there that was responsible for my confinement, I could more easily come up with strategies to overcome him.


It could mean that intelligence has added fear to us but I think it is possible to develop our selves in line with confidence and bravery so that we live our lives above the weaknesses of fear.
Fear has become one of the humans most potent weakness. But the good thing is that it is surmountable if you have a prepared mind.

Prosper Yole

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