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How To Stop Skin Irritation From Mosquito Nets

Skin Irritations From Mosquito Nets

One of the effective methods for the prevention and control of malaria infection is the use of insecticide-impregnated mosquito nets. But this is not without its own complications, especially the skin irritation it causes when there is body contact with the mosquito net and the chemical it is impregnated with.

The insecticides belonging to the group of chemicals known as pyrethroids have been implicated in this reaction. They are relatively safer than the aerosolized sprays for use as insecticides and are relatively harmless in both adults and children.
However, certain reactions have been attributed to them especially following skin contact. This reaction is very common but there are reported cases where some individuals do not seem to show these reactions even after prolonged direct contact.

Nature Of Skin Reactions to Insecticide-impregnated Mosquito Nets

The most commonly reported skin reaction to these treated nets is the persistent burning sensation on certain parts of the body, like the face, the shoulders, and back, etc.
You may have experienced this sensation after making contact with the mosquito net during sleep or when you inadvertently contacted it while awake. In the long term, eczematous skin lesions may erupt especially from the back and chest since these are the most affected parts of the body.

Trying to wash the chemicals off the skin is largely ineffective in stopping the skin reactions. But this article will help you find simple and cheap, easily available ways to relieve or totally stop those skin irritations following contact with insecticide-impregnated mosquito nets.

On average, this noxious sensation can last for about 2-3 days in some people but in some others, it can be as short as a day or as long as three days. This is enough discomfort and hence, the need to find an ultimate solution which you will soon find out here.

First Identify The Cause

If it is your first time experiencing the reaction, you may find it hard to know that it was due to contact with mosquito net.  The pyrethroids are impregnated in concentrations that are supposedly safe in many people but a few still respond to them.
Other causes may be responsible for the skin reactions you experience, so you must first rule out any contact with some other chemicals.

How To Prevent The Skin Reactions

Before I go on to tell you how to ultimately stop the skin reactions you or someone close to you is currently experiencing, I will want to further emphasize preventing a recurrence.
There are some preinstallation instructions given by the manufacturer which must be strictly adhered to. Take time to read the instructions before installation over your bed or room.

One common instruction involves air-drying the netting for at least 24 to 48 hours before hanging up.
This may help reduce the transfer of the chemicals to the skin but newer complaints have stressed that simply air-drying even up to two days is often not sufficient to reduce the toxicity of the chemicals. With time and a number of washes, the toxicity of the chemicals to the skin greatly reduces.
But of note, the principal preventive strategy is minimizing contact with the net especially when the concentration of the chemical is still high.

Steps To Stop Skin Irritation/Sensations After Contact

You have been searching for this solution because you or someone close to you needs relief from the discomforting sensation after contact with mosquito net chemicals. This is almost an emergency if the face and/or genitals are directly and I hereby provide the ultimate solutions you have been looking for.

  • 1.  First, wash the areas affected to remove some residual chemicals.
  • 2.  Then dry with a clean towel or cloth.
  • 3.  Get palm oil or other natural oils and apply gently over the affected areas. Palm oil is usually preferred because of some of its special properties.
  • 4.  Leave for about 30-60 minutes.
  • 5.  Then wipe clean with a ball of cotton wool or tissue paper.
  • 6.  Finally, clean with water or detergent to wash off the oils.
  • 7.  Then wipe dry with cloth.

How Oils Do The Job

Palm oil is one of the natural products that act as potent detoxifiers and neutralizers. It is also known to detoxify chemicals and poisons that are ingested through the mouth. It is relatively more commonly found in the tropics and in areas oil palm trees are relatively abundant.

Oils, in general, are capable of stopping the skin reactions because they are able to dissolve the chemicals and adsorb them from the skin.
Washing the affected area(s) with water does not prove effective at all because the chemical may not be soluble in water or it may have diffused into the deeper skin layers.

Palm oil and various other natural oils are non-polar solvents and can penetrate into deeper skin layers and are also capable of adsorbing the chemical which can be washed off with water and detergent with the chemical it has adsorbed to itself.

Palm oil also contains some natural vitamins and antioxidant agents that help in neutralizing the toxicity of certain chemical substances, a good example is pyrethroids in the insecticide-impregnated mosquito nettings.

Hope you were satisfied with the outcome? Please, drop your comments below so that others can learn from your own experiences. It's my pleasure.

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