How to Stop Skin Irritation From Mosquito Nets

How to Stop Skin Irritation From Mosquito Nets

What Causes Skin Irritations from Mosquito Nets

With the advent of insecticide-impregnated mosquito nets, malaria has been controlled even further. They are far more effective and safer than the non-treated nets and aerosolized insecticides yet they are not without their side effects and can cause skin irritation.

Skin Reactions to Insecticide-impregnated Mosquito Nets

The most commonly reported skin reaction to these treated nets is the persistent burning sensation on certain parts of the body, like the face, the shoulders, and back, etc.
You may have experienced this sensation after making contact with the mosquito net while you slept or during your wakeful moments.
You may have tried to wash it off but as far as it was due to the insecticide on the mosquito net, it couldn't stop. Now continue reading to find out what to do at no cost whatsoever, to relieve the burning feeling as a result of body contact with insecticide-impregnated mosquito netting.

What Causes the Burning Skin Sensation

The insecticide belonging to a broad group known as the pyrethroids have been implicated in this reaction. This class of chemicals is known to be relatively safe for use as insecticides. They are harmless in both adults and children. However, certain reactions have been attributed to them especially following skin contact. Whether or not, everyone experiences these reactions have not been proved statistically but there has been observed cases where people have reported not to experience any of such reactions even on prolonged contact.

How to Prevent the Reactions

Before I go on to reveal how to stop the skin reactions you may have experienced or you may be experiencing right now, it will be good to know that this can be prevented or at least reduced to a minimum. By simply adhering to the preinstallation rules of the manufacturer, you can prevent or reduce such reactions. One of these rules involves air-drying the netting for 24-48 hours before using for the first time.
Complaints have however been expressed that simply airdrying it for up to two days was not enough to reduce the toxicity of the chemicals on the skin. Nevertheless, the corrosiveness of the chemicals have been noticed to reduced with time.
Of course, avoiding contact especially when the concentration of the chemical is still high on the net is very important.

How to Stop Skin Irritation After Contact

For you to have been looking for this, it means you or someone close by needs relief from the discomforting sensation after contact with mosquito net. This may be worse if the face and genitals are directly or indirectly affected.
The simply buy funny way out is the use of certain natural oils.

How Long does it Last

On average, this noxious sensation can last for about two days. It can be however as short as a day or as long as three days. Carrying such sensation for more than a day is enough discomfort already and hence, there is every need to find a way out.
Fortunately, here comes the solution.

Palm Oil Magically Does the Work

Certain natural products have been found to act as potent detoxifiers and neutralizers. One of these is the palm oil.
Palm oil is common in the tropics where the oil palm trees are relatively abundant. This product have also been tried for ingested poisons with varying degrees of effectiveness recorded.
Steps on how to use palm oil in treating the skin reactions.
1. Apply the palm oil to the affected parts ensuring that every affected area is touched.
2. Leave for 30-60 minutes.
3. Then clean with cotton wool or tissue paper.
4. Finally, rinse with water.

In the end, you will be shocked by what you will experience. The sensations and irritation disappears really magically fast.

Proposed Mechanism of Action of Palm Oil

The fact that washing the affected area with water does not prove to be effective at all goes on to show that the chemical probably may have diffused more deeply and is not soluble in water. By using palm oil which is a non-polar solvent, the adsorption of the chemical is enhanced. The chemical is absorbed into the oil and removed on cleaning and subsequent washing.
It is also with noting that the oil may contain some other natural components that make it capable of neutralizing the toxicity of the chemical substance(pyrethroids) in the insecticide-impregnated mosquito nettings.

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