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Women That Do Not Look Good After Marriage Have These In Common

Women That Do Not Look Good After Marriage Have These In Common

Little girls below the age of 10 spend very little time for their looks. As they grow older, they begin to fully understand the primacy of their beauty over many other things. They would rather spend all the time in front of the mirror than to hurry up and be punctual for classes.
Just before getting married, most women seem to be at the peak of their beauty. They are grossly experienced in making up their faces and in the manner with which they combine dresses.

Few years into marriage, many women would later begin to follow a dwindling course back to their pre-marital childhood states where they cared lesser about their beauty. This may not be a major problem, especially if their husband is not saying much about the new attitude. However, this may become a big problem in the home.
Let us now explore why some women may stop caring about their beauty after marriage.

Getting Married Was All They Cared For

At the root of all the efforts that young women put into their beauty is the desire to find a suitable suitor in the nearest future. This is not at all a bad thing. It is actually a beautiful thing to dress well and present yourself in the most appealing thing and this applies to both males and females alike.  But if this is hinged only on finding a partner, you easily lose your fashion sense when you have found your marital partner.
In my own perspective, I think it is ideal to still keep looking at your best, if for no other reason, but for your spouse. You need to make them feel luckiest for having you by their side.

Loss of Self Esteem

The feeling of self-worth is one of the major factors that influence how much a lady spends on herself. Whether or not, a woman suddenly loses her sense of self-worth after marriage is something we cannot be sure of. If that were true, it would only stand the test of reason if certain other factors associated with the marriage were present, which made her lose her self-worth.
In other words, marriage alone should not reduce a woman's pride, it should, in fact, enhance it.

A  loss of self-esteem or self-worth is related to the corresponding decreased interests in self beauty. What factors would be involved? Could it be that her expectations for the marriage are not what she actually sees? True, they say "focusing on what you don't have takes a lot from you, even that which you already have".

Discouraged About Their New Looks

By the time age starts setting in, pregnancy and childbirth associated changes altering her body frame so dramatically, she may just get frustrated by her new looks and feels that she has finally lost her flower ages. The woman now accepts her aged looks even if she may not be as old as a grandma by this time.
When her efforts at trying to look good are just futile, she just gives up the struggle and leaves the stage for the young girls who still have everything to show for it.

Why You Should Still Look Good

Caring for oneself is an act of survival. A woman must learn to lighten up herself and maintain her emotions. These go hand in hand to maintain her need to care for herself.
Some women believe that there is no need to care for their beauty after marriage. They are busier and more occupied after marriage and birth of a few kids but they prefer to wear their exhaustion as a badge of honour as if to announce to the whole world how tired they are.
Taking care of yourself makes you stay healthy and no one has a higher priority to take care of you than yourself.

Your body is important, yes it is. The truth may not always sound great but it saves you from a lot. Our bodies are the gardens to which our wills are gardeners. If your compassion does not include yourself, then it is incomplete. People will care for you only when you make them know that caring for you is important. This you do by caring for yourself.

Maintaining that sense of personal pride helps you to lead healthy lifestyles. You care about every part of your being, your food, your drinks, your body, soul and mind. Refusing to make your body look good is often the first sign that you are emotionally and/or mentally unstable. This you must prevent by keeping your personal pride in your beauty(both inner and external) active before and through marriage.

Another reason why you must look after your body is that your man deserves to be happier every day with you. He does not want you to look as if your life has fallen apart. You may not have gotten all your expectations but there is always hope for the future. This will go a long way to drive him to be more industrious to ensure that your collective needs are met.
A happy and joyful disposition of a woman is a supernatural strength to his man. Though stress may come on her, if she keeps a happy disposition, she gets more assistance from her husband than when she outrightly tells him and the whole world how fed up she is.

A woman gave this advice that every married woman should try as much as possible to retain that personal worth and spirit of self-interest she had before she got married and I'm sure it must be worth it at the end.

Maureen Ona-Igbru(Nigeria)

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