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Reasons Why Male Doctors Are Naturally Considered Flirts And Promiscuous

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"All men are cheats, all men are flirt, all men are liars, all men are everything bad". So the very experienced ladies would say.
Is it just an arbitrary statement deduced from just one man as a sample, or all men were really tried and the statement verified as true?
Before we continue, it is important that you understand some basic concepts about flirting.
"To act as if one is sexually attracted to another person, usually in a playful manner". (The Free Dictionary)
It is also referred to as coquetry and it can be described as a social and sexual behaviour involving spoken or written communication, as well as body language, by one person to another, either to suggest interest in a deeper relationship with the other person or if done playfully, for amusement. (Wikipedia)

It is no lies that there are certain behaviours common to the sexes. The same way one would generally assert that all women are gold chasers, you could also generalise that all men are cheats. But out every 100%, there are always some exceptions.

From my observations, male doctors are a category of men that are naturally considered super-cheats, and whenever I think about it, I always wondered why that is so.

You may have heard that male medical students in school are the biggest flirts on campus. Whereas there is some truth in that, there are also some major exceptions.
Does it really mean that other guys do not flirt as much as medical students? I would answer a big "NO" to that question. However, there are some factors that may give the medical student or the medical doctor an edge over the other guys in the business of flirting and probably promiscuity.

All Men Are The Same

This is the common statement that has been popularized by the female folks as a way to cheer up themselves when their man has messed up. This way, they get to assure themselves that their man is not the worst in the world. So they can move on.
But jokes apart. All men are actually the same in terms of their emotional framework and the way they are built to behave when it comes to issues relating to the opposite sex. Matured men, full of age and experience, have very many things in common, such that they understand each other so perfectly. But that is not to say that they all act and behave the same way.
The attributes that men have towards women were wired in there for a purpose. It has been observed that ladies generally enjoy conversations with guys more when he is doing in the flirting mode. But when and how does this same attribute become out of place?

You may agree with me that all men have the same framework, but they don't all behave the same way. Men may flirt to get what they want from women but not all of them use that means to cheat on their partners or would-be spouses.
So why the muse everywhere?
Let's quickly delve into why we came here in the first place. Why are male doctors and medical students inclusive, considered flirts and more promiscuous than the supposed "other breeds of men", if at all there are other different breeds?

Reasons Why Male Doctors Are Naturally Considered More Flirts

  • They are more financially comfortable

    The moment you hear them say "he is a doctor", you begin to imagine how big the sums in his bank account are. It is true that doctors earn more than many other professions but the demand by society and family may just reduce them to just a comfortable life.
    But still, they have little to worry about money as far as their sole life is concerned. So if you compare them to other guys/men out there who would be more focused on making some more money for themselves and their families, you would rightly say that the doctors have more comfort to flirt with ladies and even engage in promiscuity.

  • They are easily taken for their word

    Doctors are regarded as honest people in society, such that even when they flirt with ladies, the ladies take them for their word. They consider them very seriously and would easily fall for the unreal advances, only to discover that they were just for the moment.
    Many ladies would have even made themselves very vulnerable to the unserious doctor or medical student. And if unchecked, an element of promiscuity may be seen emerging.
    Ladies who have fallen for these advances would never keep their lips shut, further lending more credibility to the belief that all doctors are naturally promiscuous.

  • Ladies naturally gravitate towards them

    For some reasons, ladies naturally gravitate towards male doctors. Of course, they are usually handsome but in addition to that, their more stable source of reliable income puts them in the position of high demand by the ladies in the society.
    As the ladies come around them, they have to find a way to interact with them both cautiously and courteously. But then anyone who sees this from a distance would believe that they are flirting with all the ladies around them and even engaging in promiscuity with them. A host of them are actually promiscuous but that is not peculiar to only the male doctors.

  • A number of them are actually promiscuous

    The high standard imposed on doctors by society makes even the very simple and small offences look so grievous in the sight of people.
    Men generally have a huge number of them that are promiscuous but when the subset of male doctors, who are also men, are seen engaging in such acts, the society considers it worth noticing more and talking about.
    Just recently, an elderly woman asked me, why do doctors chase after women? But the truth is every other man out there can act the same way.

  • The ladies are too expectant

    The expectant ladies would be very disappointed when they later find out that the doctor was only flirting for amusement or just for conversation. Actually, who would not wish for a doctor as a husband? She would go the extra mile only to keep him while oblivious of the fact that he was in fact, just flirting with her.

  • The stress of the profession

    When you talk of promiscuity, this could be really contributory. In other to lighten them from the stress of work, the unmarried doctors especially, would seek relief from engaging in promiscuity with women that would come their way. The married ones would seldom do that but we cannot say for sure that they are never involved in this act of promiscuity.

Conclusively, I would assertively say that doctors are not the only ones who flirt or engage in acts of promiscuity. With the factors at the disposal of the doctor, it lends more credibility to the fact that they may as a matter of matter have more people engaged in promiscuity and related acts, but that is never sufficient to say that there are no exceptions.
A great many of male doctors and medical students alike may be involved in promiscuity but we can never generalize that all male doctors and medical students are promiscuous.

Another footnote worth adding is that the act of flirting may be considered wrong by many people but the meaning as given in the introduction does not see it as really sinister. However, the general advice is, if you have a partner who is really sensitive to such acts, then you should consider reducing the intensity of what you would otherwise call flirts. This applies to doctors and everyone else.

Acting in such a way that suggests to a lady that you are emotionally attracted to her, in reality, actually creates a better medium to ask them for assistance either for business, academics or otherwise. However, care should always be taken to ensure that all such acts and actions do not metamorphose into something more sinister and unhealthy to your relationship with your spouse or would-be.

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