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Reasons Why Male Doctors Are Naturally Considered Flirts And Promiscuous

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All men are cheats, flirts, liars and everything bad. So the very experienced ladies would say. Very experienced because they are pretty sure about their claims.
But could this be just another arbitrary statement deduced from a case with one man as a reference sample, or were all man actually tested before the statement was made? An answer to this will enable us to verify the statements as either true or false.
But that being said, we still cannot completely rule out the fact that there are some truths in the statements. Can we?
There is not sufficient statistical information to very how much male doctors are actually involved in promiscuity but for all we know, they are humans and men like their counterparts in other professions.
According to, 57% of men overall admit to committing infidelity at some point in their lives and 22% of married men admit to having an affair at least once during their marriages.

It is important to understand what "flirting" and "promiscuity" generally are.
Flirting as defined by The Free Dictionary means acting as if one is sexually attracted to another person, usually in a playful manner.
It is also referred to as coquetry and Wikipedia puts it as a social and sexual behaviour involving spoken or written communication, as well as body language, by one person to another, either to suggest interest in a deeper relationship with the other person or if done playfully, for amusement.

Alright, let's me not sway too much from the topic here, why are male doctors naturally considered flirts and promiscuous?
It is no lies that there are certain behaviours common to the respective sexes, or at least people have often been guilty of tagging those behaviours to their necks. The same way one would generally acclaim that all women are gold chasers, the same condition applies when you say that "all" men are cheats, flirts, liars, and everything bad. And you know what, I cannot hold against any of the claims because they say "majority wins the vote". But there are always exceptions.

So why are doctors considered super-cheats and worse than the other men out there? Is that really the case or not? You will soon find out the truth or at least justifiable reasons why that is so.

If I am going to be confident enough to give a straight-forward answer here, it is going to be for the next question I am about to ask.
Does it mean that non-medical guys and men(students and doctors) flirt less than their medical counterparts? I would answer a big NO to that. However, what is important here is that there are some factors that may give the doctor or medical student a fair advantage over other men in the business of flirting and probably promiscuity.
But the aim of this write-up is to forewarn ladies and women who may be guilty of some of the points I am going to talk about in this post, and also to refute the false claims that medics are the champions in the game of flirting and promiscuity. At least, there has not been any competition to that effect yet.

Are All Men The Same?

You have dated enough men to think that they are all the same, so you think. Most of the time, ladies pick out guys they go out with based on some certain specific characteristics like looks, lifestyles, social circles, life goals, intelligence, empathy, and personality. But they ignore other aspects of the guy and the red flags they may be flashing at them.
It now looks as though the statement that "all men are the same" has become a way for ladies to console themselves when their man messes up or cheats on them. As though, when they assure themselves so, it would mean that their man is not the worst man in the world. They are all the same. Maybe that helps her to move on easily or so I choose to think. I stand to be corrected, however.
On the other extreme, some ladies would use that statement as a way to express their rage and disappointments about how "countless" men have committed the exact same crime of cheating on them and/or dumping them.

But on a more serious note, on the basis of their emotional framework and their default nature of behaviour to and with members of the opposite sex(the ladies), all men act and behave the same way. Mature men have very many things in common, such that they understand each other so perfectly in ways that the women cannot understand. But that is not to say that their negative attributes naturally supposed to be present in all of them are fully expressed by all of them.
Not every guy will cheat, or fear commitment, or disrespect you, or break your heart. But if you keep dating the same types of men, ignoring the red flags and thinking all men are the same, they stay that way to you. All men are not the same.

Why Do Men Flirt?

If you ask the question why do men flirt? What I begin to think is that some of those behaviours of men towards women were wired into them for a purpose. For example, it has been observed that ladies generally enjoy conversations with guys when they are doing it in the flirting mode. It relaxes them when a guy expresses love to them irrespective of the intention. But the only problem is that they soon get lost in the euphoria to begin thinking too quickly that this man is seriously interested in her.
But if at all, at what point does this flirting behaviour get out of place. When does it get morally and sociologically wrong?

"The way to a man's heart is through the stomach but the way to a woman's heart is...". Men flirt to get what they want from women because that seems to really work a great deal but not all of them use that means to cheat on their partners or would-be spouses or deceive other interested ladies to heartbreak.

Alright, back to doctors.
Biggest flirts of all time, most promiscuous, heavy-weight cheats and most heartless men out there. Why these unending tirades about doctors? We will see why doctors are considered to be naturally promiscuous in the next section.

Factors That May Favour Flirting More Among Male Doctors 

Here are some things you may want to know about why doctors are seen to be more flirtatious. 
Below are some of the factors that may favour flirting among male doctors and here you will see explanations of why they are naturally considered more flirtatious and promiscuous;
  1. Doctors are more financially comfortable
  2. Doctors are easily taken for their word
  3. Ladies naturally love the doctors
  4. A number of them are actually promiscuous
  5. Ladies are too expectant
  6. The stress of the profession

Doctors are Financially Comfortable

When they mention that he is a doctor, you begin to imagine the big sums in his bank account. There is social prestige around him immediately people realise that he is a medical doctor. But is true that doctors are very rich?
Doctors actually earn more than many professions but in relationship to the demands on them by society and their families, that money may just be sufficient to give them a comfortable life with slightly above minimum luxury. In other words, they are rich but just comfortable, with loads of respect and honour from society.
But really, they have little worries about money as far as their own life is concerned. Like we all know comfortable people attract potential ladies more and have fewer worries that could deter them from going out with the ladies 'em.
So when compared to other guys/men out there who would be more focused on making some more money for themselves and their families, you would rightly say that the doctors have more comfort to flirt with ladies and even engage in promiscuity.

Doctors are Easily Taken for Their Word

Society generally regard doctors as honest people and are ready to take them for their word. This is a good thing because doctors are generally honest as a society rightly believes, but would that be an extension for ladies to believe so quickly that their flirtations are real feelings? Are the ladies really taking them for their word as honest people or they are really selfish about some favours from the doctors? Let that be a question for another day.
Well! Every interested lady is allowed to show the green signs to the guys they like. But it is important to know what a guy wants from his relationship before you commit yourself to him no matter who he is.
Most of the ladies that come out publicly to talk about how a doctor deceived them only do so because they realise that their high hopes for the union were in reaction to unreal advances by the doctor or just flirtations or just moves to obtain sex with no strings attached.
And what happens next, such ladies open their mouth to the widest extent, raises their voice to the loudest volume and announce to the whole world that "all doctors are flirts, dangerous and promiscuous" but that is indeed far from the truth, only the expression of the feeling of disappointments after falling victims to their own futile lusts.

Ladies Naturally Love The Doctors

For some reasons, ladies naturally love male doctors. On the joking side, I think they are usually handsome. Hm? Together with their stable income, their sense of self-composure, and integrity of the profession, their market value really rises for the ladies. They seek after them so hard and even the ones that would carelessly say "they don't like being with doctors" may just be saying that for mere saying.
There are two things we can deduce from this. As more ladies come around the doctor, he has to find a way to interact with the ladies both cautiously and courteously. But spectators from a safe distance could be quick to assume that he is flirting or even engaging in promiscuity with them.
Sure, quite a number of the doctors would later become promiscuous as you will see in the next heading.

A Number of Doctors are Actually Promiscuous

It is difficult to try to isolate doctors into a separate class of humans outside other men. There is a high standard imposed on doctors by the society that places them in the same rank as clergymen as far as morality is concerned. Little wrongs and mistakes by the doctor would come looking so grievous but the same offences committed by other people would not make such great noise.
Men generally have a huge number of them that are promiscuous but when the subset of male doctors, who are also men, are seen engaging in such acts, the society considers it worth noticing more and talking about.
One regular question I'm always asked is "why are male doctors very promiscuous?" But truthfully, any other man out there could act the same way or even worse irrespective of the profession.

The Ladies are Too Expectant

When you see someone you are not interested in, what do you do? You give way or even run away from them. But when you someone you like or interested in tiptoed once, you find yourself walking towards them. Isn't it so?
It's same with ladies and doctors. Because of their interests in having them, they see small flirtations as big signs of mutual interest. Whereas, the young doctor is only catching the cruise.
The expectant ladies would later find out that the doctor wasn't that serious about the flirtations or he was doing them for the mere amusement or just for the conversation sake.
Who would not wish for a doctor as a husband? She would go the extra mile to keep him while oblivious of the fact that he was in fact, just flirting with her.

The Stress of The Profession

If you are close to doctors, especially in some developing nations of the world like Nigeria, Ghana, India, you will discover how much stress the medical profession carries along with itself. But how does this relate to promiscuity?
Some unmarried male doctors could seek relief from engaging in promiscuity or sexual behaviours and protected and unprotected sex with ladies they find beautiful and alluring, and also vulnerable. The married ones may be more restricted than the unmarried male doctors but if other married men could engage in such behaviours, a few married male doctors could also be included in that subset.

Are All Doctors Flirts and Promiscuous?

Now, I'm certain that you can answer this with all certainty. I would still add that male doctors are not the only men who flirt or engage in promiscuity.
With some factors that may increase the chances of the doctor to get involved in promiscuity, coupled with the overwhelming expectations by society for the doctor, the claim that doctors are flirts and promiscuous could easily gain more grounds.
Even if the claim that all doctors are flirts and promiscuous were to be close to the truth, there are still exceptions the "all" adjectives.

Another footnote worth including is that the mere act of flirting may be seen as outrightly wrong by many people but the meaning of the term in the introduction does not seem so sinister.
However, as a rule, if you have a partner who is sensitive to every act of flirting, that is, hates it when you act "too" nice or friendly with other people, especially of the opposite, you should know how to avoid having trouble with your partner.

Acting to a lady in such a way that suggests to her that you are emotionally attracted to her, in reality, actually creates a better medium to ask her for assistance either for business, academics or otherwise. However, care must always be taken to ensure that all such acts and actions do not metamorphose into something more sinister, unintended and unhealthy to your relationship with your spouse or would-be.

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