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Why You Should not Believe in Horoscopes

Horoscope is a means of predicting one's future based on the relative positions of the planets. It is believed that the day you were born can tell much about you based on the relative positions of the planets and the stars in the universe and this can give a clear indication of your personality, personal life, behaviours as well as certain other areas of your life including marriage.
Although astrology is a very interesting area for me, I have personally decided not to subscribe to or allow the findings of horoscope and astrology to determine my life for very obvious reasons as you will soon find out.

Do We Depend on Horoscopes?

I'm not sure if anyone has propounded this theory why horoscopes could actually predict one's behaviours and future accurately. But I have come up with my hypothesis aiming to explain why horoscopes may be accurate to a scientific mind.
We are not totally oblivious of mystics and spiritual influence in things relating to revealing mysteries. And true enough, there may be serious spiritual forces at play in revealing information about one's future other than merely looking at their date of birth or palm of their hands. Astrologists also use responses of the individual to pre-planned questions.

Even if they seem to have no grave spiritual implications, I'd still have many reasons against such acts of astrology. However, a great number of people have totally hinged their lives on horoscopes and astrology. This may probably be due to people's quest to find out more about their lives.

Why Horoscopes May Be True

Based on the relative positions of people's birthdays and months, horoscopes associated with its well-established system of Zodiac signs have been able to reveal much about one's life. Many a time, you are awed to find out that a very great percentage of the things you read about your Zodiac sign is accurate and you often wonder at the great precision. Here comes the explanation to why they are so accurate.
In a way to explain this possibility, I personally believe that the complex behaviours that we possess are a product of the experiences we have had beginning from our earliest childhood. If this holds true, then it means that the sum total of the experiences we have had right from our birth determines to a great extent, our behaviours.
This also implies that the relative weather conditions and seasonal changes may also have a role to play, alongside other factors that depend on weather and seasons. Colder seasons tend to be more relaxing than warmer ones, certain fruits are more prevalent at some times of the year.
However, the big question is, if all these minor factors play a pivotal role in determining behaviour, then couldn't they be responsible for the verity of the horoscope findings?
I think they could.

Reasons Why I Prefer Not to Believe in Horoscopes

It is no news that 99% of people desire a way of knowing 'what happens next' in their lives. Someone going out for a visit would want to be told about the outcomes of that visit even before they actually get there. But though this may provide some advantages, its disadvantages are often far more grave. I will explain this further.
It has been proven that knowledge about danger makes you even weaker and less confident. Take, for example, you walk the lawn without knowing that there is a green snake in the grass, you seem not to care if there is a snake there or not. But assuming, you were already told that there is a snake there, I guess you'd prefer not to move ahead. Wouldn't you?

However, that is not to rule out the fact that someone who is naturally bold will go ahead with the journey. But this time, he is better prepared to deal with the snake in the lawn. This goes on to reiterate that 'knowledge is power', but it can also be 'weakness' if not rightly handled. Many a time, it is not rightly handled and I guess that's why nature decided to leave the future the way it is.

Knowing about the future follows the same pattern of two outcomes. It could really encourage and spur you, especially when the revelation is about something exciting and great. It could also weaken you greatly if it not a very interesting revelation. To some, that knowledge helps them to know about the possibilities and find ways to avoid the negative ones. But another question pops up. How well can you avoid future disasters by being extremely careful? I've include carefulness in the picture because that is the commonest approach adopted by people to prevent something bad that they have foreseen. Oftentimes, their carefulness ultimately leads them into the same thing they were trying to avoid.

How to Achieve a Better Future Instead

'The building blocks of the future are the little steps of the present'. Learning to live life with the aim of getting better is a far more effective way of achieving a brighter future than wishing astrologists tell you something good about the future. The truth is, there are varying elements of ups and downs in the future just as they are in the present. However, taking onto the instructions of life will set you at the peak of your living. Life is not a bed of roses, it is full of ups and downs. But all of these simply prepare you for the goodies later on.

Your Present Moments Counts Most

If you want to change the future, you work on the present. The past should only serve as a source of correction and nothing else. The future should be allowed to remain the way it was naturally made, of course, with a few exceptions of revelations from dreams and personal revelations and convictions. And the present should be maximally optimized, improved upon so that it can birth a better future. Worry less for the future and the past and more for the present.

Change what is not Favourable

This is my most important reason why I have chosen to refute horoscopes and other such means of predicting one's fate in life. I have noticed that a great majority of people easily fold their arms after they may have heard of a horoscope sign that correlates very well with their actual behaviours, even when the behaviour needs mending.
Someone would be told that they easily get angry after they have gone through their horoscope readings and the best he/she does is to admit that that is who they are and does nothing about it. It would be better they realize the negativity of easily getting furious by themselves so that they can find ways to manage their anger than to be told that it is part of their makeup in which case it is easier to just admit.
The knowledge that certain unfavourable elements in your lives are supposed to be born with you gives you the leverage to believe that they are normal for you.
Like I mentioned earlier, certain conditions may have precipitated your behaviours but that does not mean you should accept all of them and remain in a negative position. If you want a better you or a better future, you must learn to work on anything that is not the best in you. As a matter of fact, better is never good enough. Working toward mastery remains the best way to predict a brighter future. If you are doing it right today, you certainly won't run into problems tomorrow.

How to Effectively Utilize Horoscopes

Horoscopes have become so within peoples' reach that they just can't escape reading something about their lives from them. Each day that passes by, they see someone close to them sharing one or two stuff on the horoscope. And a minority of people would go on to dig fully all that horoscope has for them. They would buy books, browse the internet until they find out all that their Zodiac sign represents. To all these categories, there is still just one best thing to do with the information acquired. Mark out those areas that are potentially hazardous to yourself and people around you and work on them. Then, work on those good readings and improve on them.
However, the bottom line is you don't need any Zodiac to improve your life or live it at its best.

Prosper Yole

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